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      Last Updated (Friday, 19 October 2007 23:25) Written by Andy Sunday, 26 August 2007 12:56

      My name is Andy and up till about a year ago I was a pretty avid rock climber. I had only been climbing about a year and had yet to climb outside. I had only ever climbed at the gym. While this sounds like a fling, I was definitely in love. I had even built a bouldering wall in my apartment. Two nine foot high panels, each four foot wide, joined together to make a really nice corner climbing unit.

      I was at the gym two or three times a week climbing with a buddy of mine. I think it was November in 2004. We were at the gym and had climbed some pretty hard routes that day. On my last climb of the day I pushed it a bit too far, climbing out of my league, and managed to fall. If I had just fallen, I might have been okay, but it was that last reach for the wall that did me in. My neck and shoulder were killing me. I iced it up and returned a few days later. Unfortunately my right shoulder just didn't seem to take any force. I gave up for a while.

      I gave up for a lot longer than I intended and a year went by. So now in 2006, I'm finally having my shoulder fixed. This is that story.

      (Update) It’s been over a year since my surgery and I consider it a complete success at this point. My range of motion has returned completely, which I credit to simply using it. At this point, I can swim, lift weights, climb, and play volleyball… All of it… I’m back…

      Since the creation of the site over a year ago, we have had thousands and thousands of visitors and many hundreds new members sign up to share their stories. The site is no longer just my story, it’s the story of all of us.

      This is a common injury with few sources to find information. Please look around, sign up, ask questions, and then when it’s your turn, tell your story.


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