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      Going in for latarjet surgery
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      TOPIC: Going in for latarjet surgery

      Going in for latarjet surgery 5 years, 3 months ago #23923

      • Irwin
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      Hello everybody my name is Irwin I'm 20 yrs old I have a very unstable caused many shoulder reduction procedures. I'm going in for latarjet surgery in a week from now and well I was hoping to find someone that has gone through this procedure to kinda tell me what is like. I probably read the procedure everyday lol im a little nervous about it it seems painful and it's scary knowing that they're cutting a piece of your bone and just screwing it somewhere else lol.

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 5 years, 3 months ago #23929

      • Cavitator
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      read thru the "Nerve Damage?" thread from Leanne. Also understand that nerve damage and other equally bad or worse complications can and do happen. Fortunately the occurance rate for "bad" things is low but when your the one it happens to, it's 100%.
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      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 5 years, 3 months ago #23930

      • riderk
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      I don't understand why they haven't come up with something better than that procedure. Maybe I'm being naive, but if they use metal for hemicaps and replacements, why can't they use that, or some other substance instead of bone?
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      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 5 years, 2 months ago #23963

      • Irwin
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      I had my surgery today everything went fine I came home a couple hours after it is painful but they give enough meds to calm the pain the worse part was getting complete feeling of my shoulder after the nerve block wore off but I took my pain med n after. A while the pain became tolerable

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 5 years, 2 months ago #23969

      • ljansen
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      Hi Irwin,

      Sorry I didn't see this thread until now, I had the latarjet surgery Nov. 24, so I'm just over 2 months post op now. I'm not sure what yur recovery protocol is like and how restricting it is, mine has been pretty restrictive in terms of ROM because my shoulder was so unstable, they want to give the capsule the extra time to heal. It is not a fun surgery to go through, I was kept in the hospital for 4 days so I could be on a morphine pump (that helped A LOT). Unfortunately, a nerve was damaged during surgery so my recovery is going to be extra long. BUT, I can tell you, that at 2 months now, the pain from the actual procedure itself/bone graft is very minimal. The other week I was able to start sleeping on that shoulder (I can't fully roll onto it yet, but can put a majority of my weight on it without it bothering me). I just really started working on ER and in certain positions, I can feel the bone graft in there....doesn't hurt, just a very awkward feeling.

      I saw my x-rays and it's a little weird seeing those 2 inch screws in there. I'll update my thread 'surgery done' and I have some pics in it. The only pain I still have is related to the nerve damage I axillary nerve was severed and we're still waiting to see what will happen with that.

      Anyways, my recommendations...keep up with the pain meds and ice LOTS. As much as it may be uncomfortable, really work on pulling your shoulder back (scapular protraction) as much as you can...most of my pain happened when I slouched in the sling/immobilizer, it prevents swelling from exiting the shoulder because it closes it down.

      Keep me posted on how you're doing.

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      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 5 years, 2 months ago #23970

      • kaya dog
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      i'm going in tomorrow to have this done.... scared shitless. doc is keeping me overnight, but what kind of pain do i get too look forword to when i get home. dam it
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