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      Going in for latarjet surgery
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      TOPIC: Going in for latarjet surgery

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 3 years, 1 month ago #29837

      • dann_88
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      I cant believe some of the stuff I have read here its like reading about myself and its so refreshing knowing that im not alone.

      I am 25 and first dislocated my shoulder when I was 17. I had keyhole surgery in 2010 which failed. I then went kn to dislocate my shoulder close to 50 times. I had mri scans to c the damage and was told I had bone worn away and ligament tears etc.
      I had the labrajet op on monday just gone so im 5 days after op and im still in a lot of pain.
      Mainly at night where im barely sleeping but im taking plenty of pain killers which do help.
      Being stuck in the sling is no fun. I feel like there is bone grinding and it hurts like hell. Im trying to keep still but this is obviously difficult. Ive been told to do basic exercises 3 times a day and the physio starts in 6 weeks.

      I just wanted to know when the pain would start to wear off?

      Thanks in advance

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 3 years, 1 month ago #29859

      • vedado
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      Hang in there, dann_88. I can only speak for myself, but at 5 days out I had a lot of pain, too. Especially at night, and it was very hard to sleep, at least once the pain meds starting wearing off. I was religious about staying "on schedule" with the pain meds, and had both a long and short acting prescription. Also, sleeping in a recliner for the first 10 days or so helped a lot. I don't remember any "grinding" feeling, but it did feel that my arm was very very heavy and barely attached.

      By 2 weeks out, I felt that I had turned the corner on the pain--very little pain at rest and could sleep better, even with the sling. By 4 weeks, no sling, and no pain during day to day activities and ice and NSAIDs helped after physical therapy. By 3 months, no real pain at all. Now at 10 months, and still a bit challenging to sleep on that side for extended periods, but all other activities, including weight lifting and shoveling heavy snow, are fine. Still notice some clicking and catching, but it is not painful. Definitely a longer and more painful process than the arthroscopic bankart surgeries I've had before, but I'm very very happy with the outcome. Hope you will be, too.

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 3 years ago #30078

      After many hours of lurking, I think it's finally my time to contribute...

      I am post op day 4.... had an open latarjet for the same reasons as everyone else. I got 2 opinions for surgery, one was for the latarjet and the other was for less invasive arthroscopic repair of tendons/ligaments (can't remember the name of that procedure). The more conservative surgeon said "if 10 shoulder surgeons looked at your case, I would guess 4 would recommend the latarjet and 6 would recommend the conservative repair." I ended up going with the more invasive (and hopefully definitive) treatment considering the reoccurrence rates are much lower with the latarjet. I had about 20% glenoid bone loss, which is the minimum loss recommended for the latarjet.

      A couple comments, questions and things for others to consider pre-op...

      I elected to have surgery in an ambulatory surgery center, checked in at 0630, was out the door before noon. No nerve blocks at this location... so in recovery I got IV fentanyl, dilaudid and morphine... and once I got home I ended up taking a lot of oral pain meds. 10mg oxycodone every 2 hours for the first 24 hours. Now I am taking 10mg every 3-5 hours at this point. Advil 400-600mg every 6 hours. If I try to tough it out and take a longer break between meds, I quickly regret it!

      In a pre-op appointment I asked about an ice machine (Game Ready was one example). The PA said ice bags/frozen peas would be just fine. This is my biggest dissatisfier at this point. I am icing a ton, but I feel like the machine would be very beneficial. For those who have used an ice machine, how long did you use it for post op? I'm wondering if it is not too late to get one.

      My abductor sling is working out alright, but it is rubbing my neck quite a bit, it could get sore after 6 weeks... it may be worth asking your surgeon what slings are available and getting an appropriate one set up prior to surgery.

      I am leaving my arm in the sling until my 2 week appointment, but I may go in sooner just because I want to be sure I am doing everything right in terms of positioning. The first (and only) shower thus far was a pretty helpless feeling. I am being very cautious... trying to support my shoulder while scrubbing and drying off was frustrating to say the least.

      For the first day I had numbness and tingling throughout my arm and fingers, which has all resolved now... except for 1 spot lateral to my incision, 1 inch wide and 3 inches long is completely numb. Not sure what this means. Also, my right hand is always cold since surgery. I do small adjustments here and there with the sling, but doesn't help much.

      I am hoping to go back to work 3 weeks from surgery. I'm an ICU nurse, so it'll be very light duty if my doc allows it.

      Just wanted to leave some comments. If anyone has feedback or questions I am all ears. I'd be happy to share anything people want to know. I was VERY apprehensive about the surgery, but at this point I'm just glad it's over.

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 3 years ago #30093

      • vedado
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      Good luck with your recovery! I used the ice machine for about the first two weeks after the latarjet. Doc told me first 2-4 days were most important. I'd used frozen peas/icepacks on prior surgeries, and the ice machine was definitely better.

      Re: Going in for latarjet surgery 1 year, 7 months ago #31509

      OMG I think I'm going to be sick! I am going in for the latarjet procedure in a few weeks and I am scared shitless. I have a very low tolerance for pain and pain meds (oxycodone) don't work for me. When my shoulder dislocates and I go to ER I leave with 5mg Percocet's and they just do the job. Now I'm going to have this open, invasive surgery and they will probably just give me 10mg oxycodone. I have went ahead and purchased an Ossur Cold Rush cold therapy machine hoping that it will help with the pain some.

      I have previously had an orthoscopic surgery where they put screws in my shoulders. I had 10mg oxycodone and I was up at night crying like a little baby. Guys I am really scared. What meds were you prescribed when discharged? I will be kept overnight and given a 16 hour nerve block. The doctor assured me that he will not let me sit up at night crying (as far as pain meds) but I really feel like only morphine pills will help and I don't think that's going to happen. One doctor told me he normally prescribes 7.5mg after this surgery.

      Is it crazy if I ask my doctor EXACTLY what I will be prescribed at time of discharge? I have been gathering left over pain meds from family because I am so scared!!
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