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      Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op
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      TOPIC: Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op

      Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op 9 years, 6 months ago #2710

      • markm62
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      Things I did before my surgery and Post Op

      1.- practice being \"crippled\". I only used my one hand to practice showering, shaving, etc for a few weeks before surgery so that I knew how to do it. My dominate arm was operated on so it made things tough. Shaving is the hardest.

      2. Buy liquid soap. It's hard to handle a bar of soap at first. I just took a washrag, folded it in thirds and squirted the Dial Body Wash on the middle third and then unfolded it and washed.

      3. Sleep in a recliner. It's easier on the shoulder and I don't disturb my wife.

      4. Unlike others- I won't let my wife help me get dressed, etc. becuase they don't know if what are doing to help hurts you. Dressing is hard but I found it's easier and less painful to do it myself.
      Muscle shirts and sweat pants are your friend- no sleeves to deal with- it's easier to get on and off.

      5. - you are temporally disabled, not crippled. get up and do it yourself !! after all, there are people that don't even have a hand or arms that get along in life just fine.

      6. Do your rehab religously and as scheduled. I've met too many people that had surgery and skimmped on their rehab and are still paying for it years later.

      Re:Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op 9 years, 6 months ago #2712

      • Andy
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      Great post Mark!

      Re:Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op 9 years, 2 months ago #4677

      • Imsoaks
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      Thanks for the tips. I will follow them as my surgery is scheduled for March 4th. with therapy starting the next day.

      I just found this site and am reading like mad to catch up and for what to expect.

      My doc found a labrum tear on my MRI and said my recovery time will depend on if he has to sew my labrum or just trim the tear off.

      I live in the Lehigh Valley, PA and have never had surgery before.


      Re:Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op 9 years, 2 months ago #4680

      • tgk
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      Hi Bruce
      Ditto on Mark's post. I would add:

      1. I wore button down shirts only for the first 3 wks. with a loose tank top underneath. Depending on the weather will determine how many layers of buttoned down tops you'll need.

      2. If you have kids and you drive carpool: make arrangements for other parents to do the driving until you're given the ok to drive.

      3. If you are main \"chef\" in the house and have a family feed: prepare as many meals as you can beforehand and freeze them for days when your spouse/partner/friend/neighbor or whoever doesn't make dinner for the family. You can manage to make a sandwich or something for lunch while everyone is gone during the day but a meal for more than 2 will be challenging.

      4. Since are a guy I assume your hair is short so washing/drying your hair won't be a big deal. Women who read this: get a haircut pre surgery and get used to not blowdrying your hair....

      You'll be surprised at how much you can do with your less dominant arm.

      Good luck!

      Re:Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op 9 years, 2 months ago #4701

      • Imsoaks
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      Thanks for the info. Keep it coming!!!

      I only have a few button down shirts, so I'll have to buy some more and get a good pair or sweat pants.

      How about sleeping? Will i have to sleep on the couch or put a wedge under my upper body to keep my shoulder elevated?

      No kids, my wife and I are dinks. I'm the main chef but only cook on the weekends, so that should work out ok. I'll just have to supress that urge for a while.

      I just got my hair cut extra short just so i wouldnt have to deal with it....

      I'm also doing things with my right arm a lot to prepare. I cant believe that I'm so dependant on my left arm!

      Re:Hints for pre-surgery and Post Op 9 years, 2 months ago #4704

      • BZigmond
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      If you can handle it now, do rotator-cuff strengthening and stretching as much as possible before your surgery. It helps to stabilize the repair and can lessen the recovery time. However, make sure your doctor approves, as I know it depends on the type of tear you have. Mine was torn 10-2, and I had AC joint excision at the same time.

      I had about 4 months to prep for my surgery, and have very little pain at nearly 4 weeks post. I was able to stop pain meds within 48 hours of the surgery (luck may also play a large role in this).

      The rest of the advice is very sound. I wear almost exclusively button down shirts right now , except when at the gym. Very easy to work around!

      Good luck!
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