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      Latarjet Shoulder Procedure
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      TOPIC: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 7 months ago #28801

      • COgirl
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      I'd guess you didn't break anything, but you should have it checked out. You'd know if you dislocated it and the latarjet should prevent that from happening again. I'm 13 months out and I get clicking all of the times so I suspect that's nothing unusual. Let us know what you learn.
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      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 7 months ago #28802

      • Volga
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      Thanks, COgirl. It is just after that click the pain in the side is like I am 4 month back. Hope it is some mucle pain only, but I don't think I can do physio today.

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 6 months ago #29026

      • Awr501
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      Hi all

      First time poster here and all the posts on the Laterjet procedure are very interesting. I'm due to go under the knife on the 9th December and I'm trying to understand what's a realistic time to have off work. My boss is being really good about it and will let me have as long as required. I'm planning to take the rest of December off and head back to the office at the beginning of January. Obviously this is 3 weeks off work and in short I'm wondering if this is excessive or is it a fair amount of time to be off? I'm office based but the shoulder that's being operated on is my writing arm.

      Thanks for any help / guidance you can provide.

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 6 months ago #29037

      • LorenzoSC
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      first of all good luck for your surgery!

      To stay on the safe side I'd tell you that 1 month off work is the minimum you can expect. Bear in mind that you will be in a sling after surgery for at least 3 weeks with almost no active motions allowed on the affected arm.... but.. this is really up to your doc because every OS recommends his "best practice" in terms of rehab, for example I know that for arthro-latarjet some surgeons do not prescribe braces at all. Personally I wore it for 25 days and then for 2 months only at nights.. it really depends!

      Keep us posted and take care!
      "Subice te rationi, si tibi subicere vis omnia."

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 5 months ago #29073

      • Jubs
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      I just had my latarjet last night and apparently the damage inside to the joint, soft tissue, and nerves was pretty extensive and took a lot of time for my OS to repair. He said the bone block went well, but I still might have some complications because they had to cut and stretch a nerve because of the damage to it. My advice,
      Take care of your shoulder now and baby it in a way to minimize extra damage to the rest of the joint. Otherwise I am about 12 hrs post op and I am in pretty excruciating pain even with Percocet and dilaudid as the nerve block is already gone. Good luck though.
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      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 5 months ago #29076

      • riderk
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      I sincerely hope the nerve issue resolves sooner rather than later. Very sorry to hear this. It is the complications we don 't expect that can and do happen. They were very concerned about my axillary nerve, but even with all the damage and surgeries it was never injured.

      Stay ahead of the pain! I can't believe that is an outpatient procedure, but then my hemi was too. I do believe those nerve issues can heal.
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