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      Latarjet Shoulder Procedure
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      TOPIC: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 5 months ago #29081

      • ljansen
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      my latarjet surgery got me 3 days in the hospital, but it is typically done outpatient...even in the notes then they didn't know I had axillary nerve damage (severe) until a few weeks post op (8 weeks I think was first EMG). Some people don't have much pain, others do. I had severe pain after requiring a post op nerve block and morphine pump. I still don't know why i was admitted for 3 days, it was originally outpatient and the day or 2 before they changed it to inpatient. I was thankful for the morphine pump.

      Like rider said, keep ahead of the pain, that is key's very difficult to play catch up with pain meds after thinking you can do without. also, not sure if you were given anything for nerve pain but narcotic pain killers didn't do well for me in terms of nerve pain and I recently just switched from Lyrica to Gabapentin (i think it's aka Pre-Gabalin). So if you weren't given something for nerve pain, expect to have nerve pain as it regenerates and think about asking for something along those lines. Antidepressants like Nortryptaline/Cymbalta are also used sometimes.

      keep us posted!
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      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 5 months ago #29100

      • OConnell
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      You scar looks great with those tattoos. Sorry there was so much damage. Good advice to baby your shoulder preop, my OS wouldn't even give preop pain meds to prevent further damage.

      What nerve did they cut?

      Best of luck to you with your recovery.

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 1 year, 6 months ago #31529

      Hello everyone! Its been very scary reading all of your stories. I am having the latarjet procedure on Oct 9th. I have been having an anxiety attack for the past 3 days, nonstop. My doctor has prescribed me 60 (quantity) 10mg oxycodone. Honestly I don't think this is enough. I have a very low tolerance for pain and a high tolerance for opiates. The reason I know this is because each time I've dislocated I was prescribed 5mg oxycodone. It did help with the pain but it was still there.

      I had a arthroscopic procedure as well, 2 years ago I had screws put in my shoulder to prevent dislocations (same doctor). The 2 days following the surgery I was in extreme pain, up at night crying. I was given 10mg oxycodone.

      I am not only scared of the post op pain but the complications this procedure can cause post op (nerve damage, grinding) and even later down the road.

      Not sure what to do. I only dislocate when swimming or doing something with my arm above my head. But I feel I can live the rest of my life without the surgery. Yea I wont be able to climb a tree, escape a burning building by ladder, or lift my future children above my head but I just don't know.

      My shoulder cracks everyday, loud, multiple times a day since a year ago. My last dislocation (Aug 8th 2015) was the worst of the all (8).

      I apologize in advanced for the formatting and grammar errors.

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