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      Latarjet Shoulder Procedure
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      TOPIC: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 4 years ago #28174

      • COgirl
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      Good luck with the surgery. Mine (open) was 8 months ago. My shoulder will never dislocate again. You have to be diligent in your exercising afterwards (once you can). I slacked off and I am still feeling some pain in the shoulder. I honestly think it's arthritis these days.

      Lorenzo, I am glad your procedure was a success. I appreciate your realistic comments about needing 2 years to feel normal. Are you able to move your arm behind your back as far as you can with the other arm?
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      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 4 years ago #28176

      • LorenzoSC
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      Hi COgirl,
      hope you are goin well with your shoulder!
      I can reach my opposite shoulder blade with my operated arm as I obviously can with my non-operated arm. I feel a slight pain on the subscapularis area if I try to touch it with my point finger rather than my thumb. I guess this is due to the split in that area and it is one of those minor issues that will subside with time.
      Don't bother too much about minor residual pain, I have it too especially with forced external rotation combined with abduction (I'm training a lot with throwing these days, I bought a mini beach-volley ball and bounceing it off the walls of my office from time to time ). I was told by my Doc that there are a lot of minor vascular and neurological consequences to the tissues due to surgery that will heal completely with time and that 2 years is a realistic time-span for these side effects to disappear.
      Other issues to fix for me are a little clicking (not painful) with some rotations and a little muscle atrophy of my posterior deltoid (I think this has something to do with the residual pain and weakness in external rotation).
      I currently swim as much as I can, lots of therabands and resumed some little strengthening with dumbells!

      This saturday I will exactly be 1 year post op!

      Take care!
      "Subice te rationi, si tibi subicere vis omnia."
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      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 11 months ago #28279

      • MoSeS
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      Hey...i got the latarjet surgery done on 2nd may...its been a week..i m having lesser pain now compared to first 3 surgery went fine as my os stated... he used two screws and on suture anchor for the shoulder feels so b b keeping it in the sling for 3 weeks.. i can feel the bump on my biceps due to mucsle attached to coracoid.and some asynchronisation bw my neck and collar .and after years of instability my nerves feel week and twisted and fatigue .its my humble request plz guide me through the feels worse to use my right hand to type

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 11 months ago #28286

      • ljansen
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      You will also feel weak/fatigued because of the surgery's a lot of trauma to the shoulder and lots of swelling. swelling shuts down muscle function/activation, it's a protective mechanism, so the goal is to ice lots to decrease the swelling and then things will start to eventually get back to normal.
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      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 11 months ago #28287

      • MoSeS
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      yes shoulder uis still swollen an hurts a little long the pain will last..n i saw fluoroscopy vid man...i hope u get ur shoulder fixed to normal

      Re: Latarjet Shoulder Procedure 3 years, 7 months ago #28797

      • Volga
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      Hi, dears,
      I have a question about recovery after latarjet procedure. I had it 5 month ago, no pains, no complications. Physio was indeed painful. I still follow it. Slow progress, but things were improving.
      But last time during the gym exercises where maybe I pushed too hard, I felt pain (but still seemed normal). After exercise I felt kind of click inside the shoulder and the feeling as it went out and then returned back. Two days later pain the the shoulder, arm, back was still there.
      Question: did I break anything? did I dislocate it again? Should I wait long?
      Did anyone had similar experience?
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