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      Failed Latarjet
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      TOPIC: Failed Latarjet

      Re: Failed Latarjet 2 years, 2 months ago #31256

      Amityvil, I agree with you that I shouldn't have to wait. But not only does the VA expect me to wait, because the doctor failed to put in the order on the day of my appointment, I will have waited well over 6 weeks for this CT scan! The sheer volume of patients that the VA sees, as well as the lack of caring about the wellbeing of the veterans, tends to lose a lot of people in the shuffle. (And I have spoken to my Senator and Congressman, I am still waiting for them to answer me too!) For instance, before I finally got to see orthopedics, before my surgery...etc...I went to three VA hospitals in three days, only to be told my shoulder wasn't out of socket and given a cortisone shot! As for dealing with the pain, I can't even get hold of my ortho surgeon to find out if I am still supposed to be doing PT, let alone get something for the pain!

      Re: Failed Latarjet 2 years, 1 month ago #31310

      Just figured I'd drop by and update everyone as I finally had my appointment with my ortho doc yesterday. Although she didn't really explain things properly, she told me that the bone graft healed properly, but the surgery is a failure. So, even with a graft, I am dislocating and now my shoulder blade is winging out with movement. Anyway, she is putting me back into aggressive physical therapy for three months. And if that doesn't strengthen my scapular muscles then I was told a shoulder fusion was my only option.

      My question is it my only option when I have only had one Latarjet? Isn't it a bit soon to be throwing in the towel on my shoulder? (Keeping in mind that this is a VA surgeon, although she does seem to have at least a little bit of pride in her work!)

      Re: Failed Latarjet 2 years, 1 month ago #31311

      • riderk
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      Are you limited to that one VA doc? If you could get another opinion, or could travel, there is a great shoulder specialist at the VA hospital in portland, Oregon.

      I do not know much about that type of instability, so will not comment. I almost wish i could get a fusion, but do not have enough bone left to do it. It was an option for me before, but no longer.

      Re: Failed Latarjet 2 years, 1 month ago #31312

      Unfortunately, I am limited on doctor choices. As in...I have one and only one option. Having done some research, apparently it is exceedingly rare to have subscapularas complications after a Latarjet...go figure! In any case, I may not have enough bone left to do another Latarjet, but I don't actually know quite what's going on. The VA docs are not always the best at explaining things.

      The thing that really bothers me is that before the surgery, the Dr. told me that if the Latarjet didn't work that I would have to have a shoulder replacement surgery. Which is fine, she just didn't want to do one on me now because I am "to young". (Her words, not mine, lol, I'm 34.) But now the surgery is over and failed, and suddenly its a fusion or nothing? That just doesn't make sense to me, so I'm thinking I am going to go for a second opinion to an outside specialist before I decide to permanently limit my shoulder to one position.

      I may not end up having any options, but I sure don't want to give up without a fight!

      Re: Failed Latarjet 2 years, 1 month ago #31313

      Oh, and what caused you to not be eligible for a shoulder fusion? Or rather, what injuries/surgeries have led you to that point?

      Re: Failed Latarjet 2 years, 1 month ago #31314

      • riderk
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      I was struck by the hind end of a horse, thrown several feet, and landed on my elbow, causing an acute injury to the rotator cuff and humeral head (compression fracture). Had 3 soft tissue repairs, then a partial replacement with a hemiCap, which is a resurfacing device. That was put in too high, causing erosion of the glenoid, and instability upwards. By then I had to travel to MGH, and he dithered between a fusion, replacement and reverse replacement, depending on how damaged the rotator cuff was. He concluded it was good enough to support a conventional replacement, but it was not. That failed almost immediately, so he had to convert to a reverse replacement. The replaced shoulder had dislocated up and out and i could not move the arm. Needless to say, that operation did not go well, so I am permanently disabled, and a chronic pain patient. No more surgery for me, at least until the reverse fails, which it will eventually.
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