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      Should I visit a different surgeon this time?
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      TOPIC: Should I visit a different surgeon this time?

      Should I visit a different surgeon this time? 11 months, 1 week ago #31613

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      A little background so I tore both labrums from natural loose capsules November 5, 2014. I got the left repaired first in January 2015 270 degree tear and 6 anchors, I got the right done in July 180 degree tear 6 anchors. Yes, my surgeries were more severe than the norm but neither had bicep/tendon/rc damage, strictly labrum. Anyway, I'm now 25 years old and an avid bodybuilder which has been severely strained for last year, I was cleared in November of 15 to lift(I'm 6'7" and went from 235 lbs pre-op to 195 lbs post op) and progressively hit the weights and all was totally well. I felt so great I hit them harder and all still felt well I was back up to 230 lbs by Valentines day. I ended up getting *distal* bicep tendonitis at the elbow from overuse at the end of February in my L shoulder and have been PTing that since. I know normally it shouldn't stick around like that but way before I ever had surgery I had golfers elbow that kept me from lifting for 10 months in that same elbow. Needless to say, I've been completely off the weights since February and haven't played basketball either or anything to piss it off. I was in my room the other night typing and the angle I was doing it at was getting me a little sore but I kept through it, well bad decision as I'm 95% sure I messed something up in my right shoulder. The pain wasn't intense just would come and go only that night and then I felt a deep posterior pain and it has been making a release of synovial fluid "crack" since and doesn't feel the whole way attached anymore. I went to gym just to test and yeah I think I screwed up.

      My question here is that since everything was okay should I return and let him cut me again? I see him tomorrow as I'm one of his best patients(2 labrums and a meniscus) so I got in right away. I scheduled with 2 other docs in my area for the 31st and June 1st. If it is indeed going to hinder my lifts I am indeed going to get it cut especially since it wasn't weight room related. My thing is that even though it wasn't a result of lifting it was only 9.5 months post op, I mean..Also, there was several pre-op "yeah this is how I make my torn labrum click" movements that I went into the OR with and I came out with one of them towards the top of the joint. I also had some slight nerve damage over the front delt but it's very very light. Needless to say, I don't think he did the best job on my right one. When I would lift at the gym though, my strength in my right came back quicker and I could do everything I used to but never got back into dips even though I planned to do so. I really think that he simply missed a portion at the top and it tore more over time messing things up. Would you risk going back? I kinda feel like common sense tells me to seek elsewhere but even then I fear that the next doctor would be absolutely awful. I mean, I live in SE Michigan between DET and Ann Arbor, if anyone knows any. It just seems everyone I talk to that got theirs done either isn't active enough to trust their doctors skill or had such a small tear that it is not even a fair evaluation. Yes, I had popping and clicking but nothing painful and nothing resembling pre-op except for that spot. I just don't trust the internet because any "rate md's" place I find has the majority of reviews written by hospital employees which saturates the market. Please help???? Oh, btw my doctor isn't some super well known shoulder doc either I must add, yet he is very young.
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