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      For people about to get an op.
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      TOPIC: For people about to get an op.

      Re:For people about to get an op. 7 years, 1 month ago #16288

      • ljansen
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      i also had an inexperienced person do one of my blocks (you can see this from one of my pics of the block site in the gallery). i found out after i was her first ever, took about half hour to do and swear there was about 20-30 sticks (also, they didn't use enough sedative or local), so trying not to move when you can feel every stick was not easy. to make matters worse, the block failed and only below shoulder was paralyzed and they hit my phrenic nerve that supplies the diaphragm as well, not a good experience. and it was under US guidance.

      first time i had a block, was done in OR right as I was being put under and doc just turned my head to the side, i felt a stab and a muscle twitch and that was it, it was wonderful.

      definetly will be having a choice of who does it next time, but would still rather have a block then go without it.

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      Re:For people about to get an op. 7 years, 1 month ago #16541

      • Lindsicle
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      I am scheduled to have my 2nd surgery (diagnostic arthoscopy and SLAP repair) on right shoulder on Mar 29. My first surgery was an open capsular shift, not arthoscopic. They tried to do a nerve block on me but did not find the nerve after sticking me several times. I don't remember this happening which is good. Wondering if they will be able to do it this time? I was in a lot of pain for my first surgery, couldn't walk to the bathroom from the couch without it hurting severely. Anyone have experience with these two different types of surgery and differences in recovery, pain, etc.?

      Re:For people about to get an op. 7 years, 1 month ago #16545

      • sskylor
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      You need to be sure and insist that a highly trained physician do the nerve block for you and let your OS and pre-op personel know before surgery of this request and your history.

      The primary difference is that with an open capsular shift you will have a larger incision. Arthroscopy will leave you with 3-4 small incisions. Shoulder surgery pain is similar with both in the first few days, but when the nerve block is done properly the first 12 plus hours should be painfree. If the block does not take then you should never leave the hospital without being given some very strong narcotics. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that a good block will go a long way in the first day and then percocet(unless you are allergic) not vicodin is the best remedy for the next few days following the procedure. The portable ice machines for take home are lifesavers. You may have time to get one online before surgery with expidited delivery if you will not be given one at the hospital.

      Re:For people about to get an op. 7 years, 1 month ago #16553

      • Lindsicle
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      I actually am allergic to percocet, and currently am prescribed vicoden (though I rarely take it, because I don't feel it really helps and it makes me feel nauseous) for my shoulder pain as it is now. What else might I be prescribed? I have been working on getting an ice machine.

      Re:For people about to get an op. 6 years, 7 months ago #18801

      • pwb1969
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      I'd also recommend men shave the armpit of the shoulder that is being operated on, if you are to be in a sling post op. I found after my first op, that during surgery they had shave my armpit but did not correctly dry or talc it, and my shoulder was strapped to my body for 6 weeks - dressing change every week. As my arm wasn't moving, my armpit was red raw and bled. So hindsight is, do it yourself!

      Re:For people about to get an op. 6 years ago #21053

      • Clivette
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      I am really worried now after reading all this. I never thought this was going to be so complicated... Am I going to be able to look after myself? I live alone, with children,and a dog. I live away from my family. Is it going to be possible to travel home 2000km to have someone look after me and the children?
      i need to have this surgery done so I can return to work, and this is a workers compensation case for sure.
      I have been living with this for 3 years now and becuase the doctors couldnt find anything for 3 years its now time. I began to think I was just neurotic. But the pain was there all the time.
      How long will I be in hospital for??
      How long till I cn drive.?
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