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      For people about to get an op.
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      TOPIC: For people about to get an op.

      Re:For people about to get an op. 6 years ago #21057

      • sskylor
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      Well it does get complicated, especially when you live alone with children. There are many things you can do to prepare, but having
      an adult, family or friend stay with you for 2-3 weeks would be the best. How old are your kids?

      I do not recommend traveling to visit your family as this in itself is very difficult post-op. Not to mention you will need to be home to begin PT. The first 3 weeks is when you will need the most assistance with dressing, showering, preparing meals, driving ect. The extent and type of surgery will dictate how long in the sling. This and medication usage will determine when you can drive. I am imagining that you have been diagnosed with the possibility of a SLAP/labral tear. Do they suspect or does MRI show rotator cuff tear?

      Most every shoulder surgery of this kind does not require a hospital stay. Try to read everything you can about preparing for surgery on this site. Write down all your questions for
      the OS to answer will in advance of your surgery date. Sharon

      Re:For people about to get an op. 6 years ago #21060

      • Clivette
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      I was thinking of travelling to stay with family as I do not have anybody where I am currently living to assist. (rural Australia)and that would be the only reason, for the travel.
      Hence I was wondering about the driving and how long till I can be mobile again.
      I am thinking now that they may need to get the district nurses in then.
      The children are young teenagers so therefore they will be ok to make a sandwhich for themselves etc.
      its all a bit scary for me now....
      the tear was diagnosied on contrast MRI. I have seen one surgeon but because of the time delay between injury and now it is now to complicated and I need to go to another surgeon.
      ummm I thought it was going to be a reasonably simple procedure.
      Until I looked into it.

      Slap tear/biceps tendonesis 10/13 5 years, 6 months ago #22923

      • jw10956
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      any pre surgery advice?

      Re:Slap tear/biceps tendonesis 10/13 5 years, 6 months ago #22925

      • lafatlife
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      Get shoes you do not have to tie.

      As silly as it sounds, practice wiping with your other hand.

      Glad cling wrap works good for when you are able to get in the shower. It will stick to your skin so that you can keep your sutures dry.

      If you don't get one of those ice machines, get a couple of the reusable ice packs.

      Take your medication at least for the first 3 days. Some people try to be tough but it's better for you to get the rest and heal.

      Make sure you can have someone stay with you for a few days at the very least.

      Try not to get frustrated!!!

      Re:Slap tear/biceps tendonesis 10/13 5 years, 6 months ago #22926

      • riderk
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      Don't forget sweat pants (no zippers, buttons, etc), and zippered or buttoned oversize shirts. Don't want to be pulling anything over your head.
      Women have other issues as well... Forget bras.
      I never had sutures on the outside, even with the replacement (huge scar)

      Re:Slap tear/biceps tendonesis 10/13 5 years, 6 months ago #22928

      • ljansen
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      if you don't have an ice machine, i've found bags of frozen peas or corn are great, they mold a lot better to your shoulder.
      if you want to shower and you use cling wrap, i usually put a wet face cloth over top of the cling wrap because it creates more of a seal to keep the bandage dry.
      frozen foods that are easy enough to prep one handed.
      start doing the pendulums as soon as you can, make sure you're using the trunk of your body to sway your arm and not moving the arm getting used to doing these early, you can still wash under your arm, put on deodorant (or shave if your a woman) by doing the pendulum motion.

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