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      TOPIC: My Recovery Experience

      My Recovery Experience 9 years, 8 months ago #1924

      • karenm
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      I know many of you are waiting for surgery soon and I wanted to share my recovery experience with you so far. Please remember, everyone is different so this is by no means a static timeline. I don't want to freak you guys out but I wish I had something like this to know what I was in for.

      Days 1-2
      Pain wasn't so bad
      Days 3-10
      After pain pump removed, the pain was more intense. Took pain pills every 4 hours.
      Day 11
      Pain started easing up. Still tough riding in a car from the vibrations.
      Week 3
      Started PT 3 times a week-Passive Motion. Pain increased since my arm was being moved around. Started back to work-this was too soon. I wish I took a couple more weeks.
      Week 4
      Was able to stop using the sling. A pillow came in handy to prop my arm for another week or so.
      Week 6
      PT-Started Active motion. More exercises where I was moving my arm. Also was given more exercises to do at home.
      Week 8-12
      This is when PT really got tough. My arm was being cranked more since the repair was secure. Emotions are all over the place and tears would come for no reason. Finally able to dress, take a shower, and wash my hair by myself. This was a mile stone-you will see what I mean when you get there.
      Week 13-15(this week)
      PT-Started strength training. Pain decreased and Rom increased. PT sessions are not as uncomfortable as previous sessions. I was able to work out--20 minutes ellipical and 10 minutes breathe stroke.

      So that has been my life the past 3 months. I hope this helps all of you in the beginning stages. Keep your chin up and keep plugging away.

      Week 19
      Formal Physical therapy finish-Still have to go to use the weight equipment for strengthening(two more months)
      Received cortisone shot for tendonitis. Have pain in front of shoulder down into bicep.

      7 month update
      I now have very little pain in my shoulder unless I do too much. Almost ready to stop strenght training at Physical Therapy and continue on my own. Have been able to work out on eliptical machine without arm motion 30 minutes and swim 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. My shoulder basically feels like I never had the surgery Keep working at it and you too will get there.


      Re:My Recovery Experience 9 years, 8 months ago #1925

      • cmmbowl300
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      I can't wait for that 3 month part to be here for me. I just want it all over. Thank you karen for sharing. Last time I had shoulder surgery I didn't get a pain pump. I sure could of used one but for some reason he didn't give me one. The first night in the hospital was horrible, I didn't sleep as the pain was horrible and nothing was touching it. They were giving me morphine and percocet. Morphine doesn't work and I don't like it, it only makes me feel silly in the head. Demoral seems to work better for me. Thanks you for sharing what you went through.

      Re:My Recovery Experience 9 years, 8 months ago #1926

      • karenm
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      I guess I forgot to say what was done to my shoulder. I had a slap repair using two anchors, a rotator cuff repair using one anchor, and subacromial decompression.

      Re:My Recovery Experience 7 years, 7 months ago #12951

      • Talon
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      WOW! nice work!

      I had a superior labral tear and had 3 anchors implanted 3 weeks ago.

      Days 1-3: Had intense pain, took the percs for the first day and a half but they made me loopy so I stopped. Stuck with tylenol and ALOT of ice. So happy on day 2 that I could shower! Thank god for glad cling wrap!

      Days 4-7: Still in the sling (3 weeks). Got yelled at by OS for moving my arm. Shoulder feels great. Pain at night and in the AM but keep icing and tylenol. Can shave now with that arm.

      Days 7-14: Have good days and bad, still icing, good ROM, almost too good I think. Not doing any behind the back things but am able to do house chores ect. Kinda nervous that its not hurting as bad as I thought and that I can move this much.

      week 3: Go to my 1st PT this week, kinda nervous. Still have good and bad days with pain, mostly in the AM and at night.

      Just wondering how long before you went back to work? I'm a police officer and the OS said 3 to 4 months? Is that normal?

      Thank you for sharing and wishing you luck

      Re:My Recovery Experience 7 years, 6 months ago #13650

      • Cking949
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      WoW I'm glad you guys had such Great Recoveries! Wish Mine went as well

      Had Surgery 5/1/09 on Right SHoulder Slap type II 4 Post, Torn RC and Ruptured Joint Capsule

      Days 1 thru 3
      Bad pain stayed pretty much Dopped up Pain Meds every 4hrs Alternating between Vicodin and Valium. Horrible Muscle spasms Unable to sleep more than 2-3 hrs at a time.

      Days 4 - 7
      THerapy begins 3 times a week PROM only. Still having problems with Muscle Spasms.

      Days 8 - 14
      More therapy, Stitches out Still having the spasms Only taking Pain Meds before therapy and to sleep at night.

      Week 3 - 10
      Out of the Sling!!!! Continued Therapy PROM , light AROM and light weights . Only taking Motrin for pain and Lyrica for Muscle Spasms at night.

      Weeks 10 to 16
      Muscle Spasms FInally going away finally able to sleep more than
      4hrs at a time. Avg. 6hrs a night. THerpay Contiues 3x week More weight and AROM.

      Week 16 to Now
      Started Work Hardening 4 hrs a day 5 days a week. Range of motion was back to 90% of Full. pain was still there but only with certain movements or after a tough work out but strength returned Pretty quick about 3 weeks in had a Roadblock...Or more like Brick wall after a Tough day at gym came home and felt a pop in shoulder and severe pain. Still had Pain next day at PT they sent me back to OS. Tried Prescript anti Inflam. to get swelling down no luck went for a new MRI Arthrogram shows a Possible Recurrent tear of Labrum and a Possible Torn Bicep. Had a Cortizone shot to see if that helps at all but after a week and half with no change looks like im heading back in for a 2nd surgery.

      Re:My Recovery Experience 7 years, 6 months ago #13651

      • karenm
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      What you read was from my first surgery back in 2007. I also had to have a second surgery in 2008. It has been a tough road with the second one. But I believe most of my issues are due to my body having a hard time healing and creating more scar tissue than I need. I am having issues again 14 months post op again. Just had MRI yesterday. I get the results next week. I'm hoping no more surgery but I know the pain I'm having can't be a good sign.

      Take Care,
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