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      TOPIC: My Recovery Experience

      Re: My Recovery Experience 3 years, 2 months ago #29716

      • riderk
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      A fellowship trained shoulder specialist would be a good place to start. If you are in or near a larger city or university it would be easier to find a good surgeon. MRIs are a tool, but clinical exam is just as important. I had a cyst on MRI but it was not addressed at surgery.

      Re: My Recovery Experience 3 years, 2 months ago #29718

      • raven316
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      I'm in Athens, GA and just 65 miles from the ATL. . . if it there is no ice storm!

      Re: My Recovery Experience 2 years, 10 months ago #30424

      I had my surgery on 22nd May. The doctor did not use any nerve block and the surgery was done under GA. Woke up with moderate pain and after few hours of rest, was finally able to go home. Was feeling very weak at that moment.
      The sling I was given was a pretty ordinary one. No advise of any ice pack. I was just advised to avoid any movement which causes my elbow to to move away from my body.

      Day 1-3: I was on strong pain killers so it wasn't so painful. Sleeping was very uncomfortable. Used to have strange and vivid dreams and realized its due to the opioid used in the medicines. Stopped using painkillers from that time.

      Day 3-7: Pain was about 3/10. Went for my first post op appointment. Doctor reiterated on the movements I am not allowed to do. He was in a bit of a hurry so could not ask much about the operation. I have another appointment with him on 18th June. Would wear sling most of the time.

      Day 7-14: I would take out my sling for few hours. Pain about 2/10. Very worried that I may have undone my repair because sometimes suddenly there would be a popping noise and a sharp shooting pain. Did panic search and realized that it *may* just be nothing.
      Started brisk walks during which almost slipped and fell down. My operated arm moved away from my body for a split second. It wasn't much and it did not pain.

      Day 14 - till date: Resumed office. Pain almost non existent. Able to hold 1 liter water bottle with the operated arm. Did a stupid thing of trying to fold my baby's pram using my operated arm. That put a significant weight on my operated arm, and though the elbow was not away from the body - there was a slight increase in pain which lasted for few hours. Scared as shit if I have messed it up the surgery

      General info:
      I am 35 years old. Relatively fit male. Was leading a very unhealthy and inactive lifestyle till last 2 years. Got my act together and started eating healthy, going to gym and burned out the fat and gained some muscle mass.

      After surgery, I have lost 4kg so far and I can feel that I am losing all the muscle mass

      Re:My Recovery Experience 2 years, 10 months ago #30439

      • aksantacruz
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      Hi there,

      Although I did not have as much pain as you - nothing close - I was completely unable to sleep in the sling - and my OS kept me in mine 24/7 more or less for 7 weeks. At week 4 I went on Klonopin 1 mg. It was a game changer. Ambien does not work for me. I also got sick on the Norco so I went to Advil on day three and occasionally took either the Norco or Flexeril if I had a bad day. My muscles were so tight after 4 weeks in the sling, I vomited after one particular PT session from the pain. I went to a very dark place - due in part from lack of sleep and feeling isolated. I'm 3 months post-op and I feel very good. Not perfect but able to do my job, sleep well, exercise and drive. My surgery arm was quite atrophied when I got out of the sling - little tiny teeny arm (I'm 50). All I can say is that it all came back quick. My main complaint is neck and tight traps and pectorals. I had a burning pain under my shoulder blade for months prior to the surgery - It just now went away two weeks ago. When that pain went away - my fog lifted. I had no idea how the pain was dragging me down wearing me out, etc. - and the sleep deprivation taking a red eye flight every night is nothing to look forward to. Hang in there you guys. I had SAD, tenodesis, and slap debridement (type 4 tear). Good luck and try different sleep meds. The benzos (even valium) worked wonders to relax my body after the surgery and at night. But the Klonopin is like a miracle drug for insomnia. You can not hold a thought at all. I also found the sleeping wedge and lots of pillows helpful. I never thought that I would sleep flat or on my side again - well, I am getting back to my normal self but for some reason I can't stomach sleep any more - but this is good because it's very bad for your lower back.

      Re:My Recovery Experience 2 years, 10 months ago #30445

      • riderk
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      I can only take advil or tylenol PM for sleep as benzos or prescription sleep meds don't mix with my pain med. My poor husband, more than once he has had to wake me up, as i have been talking in my sleep and it is the same thing over and over, "Help me! Help! Help me!"

      Re:My Recovery Experience 2 years, 10 months ago #30446

      • COgirl
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      I think we all go to the dark place now and then. I've wondered how many times the physical therapists have heard people cry. Pain is a tough thing. Sleep deprivation takes its toll on you. I'm having shoulder AND knee pain. So bad I just took a Norco. I often wonder how my tolerance for pain has changed through the years. No one who hasn't experienced pain has any idea what it's like.
      3/2010 Slap Tear Repair, Biceps tenotomy
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