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      Poll: For those at least 6 months postop!
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      TOPIC: Poll: For those at least 6 months postop!

      Re: Poll: For those at least 6 months postop! 2 years, 5 months ago #30907

      • riderk
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      Cavitator, i have been reading that as well. They are moving away because it doesn't work all that well. Too many failures. Definitely not for people over 35-40. Live and learn, right? Just like the humeral head replacement is not so great. Too bad for those whose life was ruined.

      On an up note, finally got scheduled for a pain pump trial. Imagine my surprise when i saw the diagnosis on the insurance papers - RSD. Not sure i believe it.

      Re: Poll: For those at least 6 months postop! 1 year, 10 months ago #31386

      • fmalloy
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      My story:

      4 anchor SLAP repair on the left shoulder, Feb. 2014 . No pain, just dislocation, which was very unsettling to me. Recovery was hard, but this was due to my anxiety and admittedly pessimistic nature, not anything physical. I stuck with it, and things are great now. I don't have 100% ROM but I'm not an athlete and don't care. I requested the ortho to tighten the capsule so it won't dislocate. I can do everything I need to do and am pain free.

      Just today, I had a 5 anchor SLAP repair on my right. This shoulder was worse and has had chronic dislocations over 20+ years. The ortho said it was super loose but not any more. I'm not looking forward to the difficulty sleeping, pain, sling, PT, etc. but at least I know what to expect.

      I second the recommendation to find a very good OS with lots of experience. Mine was terrific. I read so many bad experiences here, but folks should remember many people come to these forums because they have problems. Those who have normal, good experiences typically don't bother with internet forums because everything's fine.

      Re: Poll: For those at least 6 months postop! 1 year, 10 months ago #31389

      • aksantacruz
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      I am 51 years old and had two shoulder surgeries (for type IV slap tears) in 9 months. I am four month post-op from surgery #2.

      Because of my age I did a biceps tenodesis instead of a slap repair. From what I've read, this procedure has better outcomes than a slap repair. For older people anyway.

      I was pretty miserable before the surgeries. The rehab and recovery was hard but I can say the second surgery was pretty easy. I feel back to 90% my pre-tear condition after just four months of rehab. My job is very demanding - I travel internationally under very harsh conditions. I was traveling and back to work within 3 months of my surgeries - working with people half my age. I do international aid work.

      There were days that I questioned whether the surgery was worth it, but I have almost 100% ROM back in both arms/shoulders. The mid-back and neck imbalances were/ and are hard to deal with but as other posters have said, it kind of pushes you to come back stronger. Ihave no choice now than to work on my body daily. I know now I have to be careful and dedicate time to caring for my shoulders and back. I love horse back riding -- and at least I am back to my horse with few limitations. I still can't throw a western saddle because it weighs 35 pounds - but I'm small. I'm a mom with a young child, so I felt that I had to fix myself. The surgeries were hard, but I was on the road to being disabled by pain. I went to a major ortho hospital in a big city. I am grateful that I had an excellent surgeon. Unless you've been there - it's hard to imagine just how disabling shoulder injuries can be. My friends and family don't get it.
      Good luck. I'm now on to yoga and rolphing to get back 100%.

      Re: Poll: For those at least 6 months postop! 1 year, 10 months ago #31399

      • Trevtassie
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      I'm in the operate camp, get yourself a good surgeon who knows what they are doing. Hard bit is finding that out. Luckily I had a broken ankle and the ortho surgeon for that said see this guy, he's the shoulder expert, other surgeons fly in for him to fix their shoulders!
      I went from needing to lift my arm above my head with my other arm to being able to surf for 3 hours.
      This was for a Biceps Tenodesis, Slap Repair, Repair to a near circumferential Bankart Lesion, Rotator Cuff Repair to my Supraspinatus and a bursectomy with a tidy up of the subacromial space.

      So a good result all in all, and well worth the recovery time...
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