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      TOPIC: who is who?

      who is who? 9 years, 3 months ago #4221

      • Mich
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      so many people were so helpful during those first few eeks. the problem is that between the pain meds and the pain itself alot of the details are a blur. now that i am back among the awake i am trying to get everyone straight. i thought if anyone was interested we could do a little recoup on who is who? i remeber tammy is in israel, calicyclist in east bay, heather??? a nurse up north? jtk a doc in new york. ryan???? and a bunch of new people just starting their journey to recovery, and of course andy (thank u andy). so whoever is interested please remind us about you.

      i am michele, a nurse, 41 years old, northern california, married, kids, active, and finally getting better at 12 weeks. i had a slap tear and acromioplasty. don't know what i did to hurt myself. could have been anything...this has been crazy hard and i was not prepared for it. thanks to all. i am back to work finally.

      Re:who is who? 9 years, 3 months ago #4222

      • karenm
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      Mich Great idea,

      I'm Karen from Eastern Massachusetts. I do technical support on computers, blackberries, and phone systems. I like to ski, bike ride, kayak, softball(retired) and photography. I am a animal lover who has two cats and a fish tank containing goldfish/snail at work.

      I hurt my shoulder by slipping on ice then falling on my outstretched arm. A later fall during skiing couldn't have helped either. I had a slap repair, rotator cuff repair, and subacromial decompression. I am 8 months post op and doing great.


      Re:who is who? 9 years, 3 months ago #4223

      • Mich
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      thanks karen!
      you have a fun life! i am taking kids to mt shasta to snowboard this weekend. too soon for me tho hate snowboarding and stick to skis like many of my generation who could not make the transition. ha. we never have less than 3 cats in the house. one goes to heaven(or gets run over by landscaping truck) and we get another. only females now. less problems. question for you; i can't get my son's iphone to accept his yahoo email address. seems to be a common issue for non-techies. it says user name password incorrect whichit isn't. oh well. you must be afraid to tell everyone you are an IT person. It is like having a lawyer or doctor or CPA in the family,they get hounded! mich

      Re:who is who? 9 years, 3 months ago #4224

      • breining
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      hey...good idea...

      I'm Brian, 32, from northern california..married with one kid (two more coming this summer).

      had a post-labrum tear (tore it swinging a bat and ignored for a couple of months), which needed two anchors and, bone spurs removed and decompression. 7 weeks out today and I have almost full ROM and hardly any pain. I can even sleep on my bad shoulder for about half the night before I need to roll over.

      This site has been great! Lots of info and calms the nervers;)

      Re:who is who? 9 years, 3 months ago #4226

      • summertime
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      my name is carla and i am from boston, ma. work in gov't and fell on outstretched arm while entering door to work last summer. pain progressed - went to PT but stopped due to back pain (they were also treating my lower back). then a month or so later the pain further progressed to a frightening level. had a labral tear into bicep tendon, but when OS went in realized adhesive capsulitis. had labral debridement, synovectomy, bicep tenotomy, decompression, and general cleaning up. 7 weeks post and not yet pain free (especially while in PT)and when trying to sleep. also now experiencing problems in good shoulder from overuse I think. thanks to all of you who share your experiences.

      Re:who is who? 9 years, 3 months ago #4227

      • RyanG
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      Great idea!

      I'm Ryan, 21 male current attending Michigan State University. My SLAP tear was caused by me overdoing a decline bench press one day. I'm one week post op and feeling great. Doctor said yesterday I had a small tear and only about 2 more weeks in the sling. This site has been more then helpful, and I can't wait to get back in the gym!
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