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      TOPIC: who is who?

      Re:who is who? 7 years, 5 months ago #14606

      • Jessica
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      Hi everyone! Im Jessica, and im still fairly new to this site.

      Im 18, freshman in college. I hurt my shoulders diving for 20+ hours each week for 2 years. I really messed up my right one bench pressing for lacrosse 2 months ago. ive seen 2 doctors since, one saying there is a tear and saying surgery, the other recommending physical therapy for 6 weeks. i guess we'll see how it plays out...

      Thanks everyone for all of your stories! theyre very helpful for me in trying to plan out what my next step should be!

      Re:who is who? 7 years, 5 months ago #14616

      • johnt0148
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      • Bi-lateral SLAP Tear Surgeries
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      Every time I thought my right shoulder was improving, it would bring me to my knees with a sharp pain for doing something like swatting a bug.

      If you are going to have both shoulders done, as I did, you need someone who can help you for at least the first few weeks after each surgery. I waited 3 months between surgeries, so I had limited strength and ROM with my good shoulder. Fortunately, I was better prepared for the second surgery and it was much easier although it was a more serious tear. In short, start gentle pre-op PT on both shoulders, as this will help your rehab. Purchase a good cold water therapy machine, like a breg 500. Listnen to guided imagery if your nervous. "preparing for a sucessful surgery" by Belaruth Naperstack helped me overcome the terror of my first surgery.
      Keep us informed, we are all here to help,

      Re:who is who? 7 years, 4 months ago #14624

      • GMWisconsin
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      • RC & Biceps Tenodesis 10/09 and 2nd Repair 6/2010
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      I'm Gayle, 57 F, from SE Wisconsin. 7 week post-op (Monday) from rotator cuff surgery - 5 anchors for torn subscap tendon and bicep tenodesis on right, dominant arm. Injured it by slipping on some stairs last June while holding onto the railing with left arm and whipped around and came down on right hand, I think.
      Started PT one week out from surgery, all passive. Just got rid of sling completely at 6 week mark and moved back to bed at same time. I am so sick of recliners. Shoulder is moving along but there is a very loooong way to go. Hoping to golf, garden, swim and just do normal things by next summer.

      Really glad you guys resurrected this thread - it is really hard to keep everyone straight. Love this sight, it has gotten me thruogh this surgery.

      Re:who is who? 7 years, 4 months ago #14630

      • GirlGumby
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      Re:who is who? 7 years, 4 months ago #14632

      • goduke7
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      I'm Matt

      I'm 25 from Upstate NY. Played baseball my whole life injured my shoulder when I was 19 or 20. Velocity dropped dramatically and there was significant pain. Quit college ball stuck to intramural softball. Rest helped. Then in April i was at my sister's college softball game and threw a foul ball back and my arm went numb then started hurting real bad. Got the MRI, SLAP tear. A/P 9-3 o clock. Could still play golf, so i put off surgery until Oct. Now i'm 6-7 weeks out of surgery, feeling good. ROM is good, just started strengthening.

      Looking forward to resuming my golf career. I went from a 14 handicap down to a 3 last year.

      Baseball would be nice too. I cant remember when i could throw without pain.

      Re:who is who? 7 years, 4 months ago #14644

      • JRogers55
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      My name is Jon. I am 28 years old and am from West Texas. I am very active. I grew up playing sports. I played QB on the football team which won two state championships and a "mythical" national championship my senior year. I verbally comitted to Arizona State out of high school, but got drafted by the Atl. Braves in the 13th round after playing only my senior year of baseball. I pitched really well my first two years in the farm system but got into some off the field trouble and got released. I was just young and dumb. Thats the only way to explain what I did. Anyways, I got invited to spring training for San Diego and while getting ready to leave I would go to the high school to pitch and I wouldnt warm up properly. I would go out and just show off my arm. Well long story short that wasnt a good idea because I hurt my arm. I got to spring training knowing it was hurt but I tried to hide it anyway. In all my bullpen sessions I would take it easy and try not to aggrevate it. So I would be pitching in like the mid to upper 80's. Once I got into a game I pitched normally and my pitching coach was like wow where did that come from. So the next day they had me play long toss, and I couldnt throw the ball at all with out really being in pain. So needless to say they didnt want to have nothing to do with an injured arm. So I got insurance and here I am. Surgery was July the 6th and so far so good, but the true test will come when I start throwing so I guess well see. I just want to say the things that yall have gone and are going through and sharing help so many people deal with things. Like you all and I know its not easy. I wish the best to everybody.
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