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      SLAP Type 2 Labral Tear, Need Surgery.
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      TOPIC: SLAP Type 2 Labral Tear, Need Surgery.

      SLAP Type 2 Labral Tear, Need Surgery. 4 years, 5 months ago #26338

      Hello everyone, I just found this website and have been impressed with the amount of information on it.

      My story:
      I hurt my left shoulder somehow playing soccer or surfing (not sure how). After waiting for a bit I started rock climbing again and re-injured my shoulder. I went to my Orthopedic doctor, and he thought I had some inflammation in my shoulder, so he prescribed some anti-inflammatory medicines and a bit of physio-therapy. After a few weeks of this, my shoulder hadn't improved at all, so he prescribed some stronger medicine and recommended rest. For a bit it felt better, but then went right back to the same level of pain (about a 2/10, constant dull pain in a few different areas in my shoulder). I finally got an MRI done, and the results were inconclusive about the damage to the SLAP, but showed a bit of inflammation in the bursa, so he believed it could still be healed with rest and medicine. I tried that path for a few weeks, but still, nothing.
      So my Orthopedic doctor then sent me to a shoulder specialist and orthopedic surgeon to consult. I got another MRI done. here are the results:

      1.Type 2 acromion moprphology mildy impinging over supraspinatous tendon.
      2.Mild degenerative changes over acromioclavicular joint in the morm of small marginal osteophytes
      3. SLAP type 2 labral tear.
      4. Tear of posterior labrum with old fracture line in posterior lip of glenoid foss
      5. Interval resolution of fluid in subcoracoid bursa

      Both of my doctors were quite concerned about the findings, but hoped that a cortisone injection might be able to help the situation.
      So 7 days ago I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder. About 3 hours later i experienced a sudden pain, extreme dizziness, and was down and out for about 12 hours. After the pain subsided 3 days later, there was no improvement, and if anything, my shoulder feels a bit worse.
      I went again to the doctor today, and he has told me I need surgery. I was kind of expecting this ever since I read the first MRI report and it said "suspected SLAP Type 2 tear". But it is a HUGE bummer. I am going to meet another sports specialist for a second opinion, but everything I have read points towards me needing surgery.
      I talked to a friend who is the chief trainer for a college baseball team, and he said I definitely need surgery, and recommends Scapular and rotator cuff strengthening before surgery. He also said an experienced surgeon was of utmost importance.

      At this point, I guess I would like to talk to people who have had similar things done.
      How can you maximize your "prehabbing" to get the most benefit? What type of preparations did people do leading up to the surgery. Should I do it right away, or wait a few months to prepare?
      Getting back to 100%, or as close as possible is the most important thing for me. I live (or used to) a very active lifestyle, and want to be able to Rock Climb, Mountain Bike, Surf, play basketball, etc, etc. without limitations. What rehab techniques were the most useful for getting back to 100%?

      What factors did people use when selecting a surgeon?

      I will keep searching around the site to try to pick up little nuggets of information, but I just wanted to write about my story to see if people had specific advice.


      Re: SLAP Type 2 Labral Tear, Need Surgery. 4 years, 5 months ago #26344

      • riderk
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      I am not an athletic type, so won't speak to "prehabbin" but as far as surgeons go, choose a doc who does nothing but shoulders. Your age does matter as well as there probably are some degenerative issues going on as well. Other than that, you will probably do well since you are in good shape, but no surgery is foolproof and there are risks. You may be interested in this if you haven't stumbled across it already:

      Re: SLAP Type 2 Labral Tear, Need Surgery. 4 years, 5 months ago #26347

      Also-I am 26, male, in good shape, and the shoulder is my non-dominant hand.

      Re: SLAP Type 2 Labral Tear, Need Surgery. 4 years, 5 months ago #26348

      • Beanie1
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      As said above, choosing a good shoulder specialist is absolutely key. Get some recommendations - maybe go back to that baseball trainer and ask him to ask around, as lots of baseball players have these types of injuries. Find a doctor who treats lots of athletes. My surgery time was also quite long for the procedures I had, compared to other reports I've read online. But I had very little pain, right from the day of the surgery, and I'm sure much of that must be attributed to his skill.

      I am 4.5 post SLAP and bankart repair with 6 anchors, have been signed off by the surgeon and physio and am (almost) back to all my normal activities. Playing netball, yoga, TRX class etc. I'm still being careful with heavier weights as I regain my strength, and I'm not back at boot camp yet as I can't do enough push ups and burpees in one go yet! I have no pain, although shoulder feels a bit achey when I've been working it hard.

      It may sound like I've recovered quickly, but the early part of my rehab was quite conservative. I wore a sling 24 hrs a day for 6 weeks, and only did passive ROM exercises for 6 weeks. During weeks 6 - 12 I only did active assisted ROM exercises. Only at week 12 was I allowed to start any kind of strengthening exercises. I returned to netball and yoga after 3.5 months. It was when I started strengthening that I really noticed very rapid improvements.

      I didn't do any pre-hab as I was able to have the surgery soon after diagnosis. However I was active and working out at TRX etc right up until the day before, so was in quite good shape.

      My surgeon works in a practice that specialises in sports injuries, and he was always positive that I would be able to return to doing everything I did before. My shoulder had reached the point where it dislocated during normal daily activities, so was impacting the way I live my life. Post surgery it feels much stronger and "normal", I feel I can trust it more. Surgery was definitely the right choice for me.
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