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      SLAP Post op day 11 injury. Advice.
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      TOPIC: SLAP Post op day 11 injury. Advice.

      SLAP Post op day 11 injury. Advice. 1 year, 5 months ago #31538

      Post op day 11. My surgeon said I had a great repair. On day 9 stitches came out and my arm was freed from the evil sling. I'm going to make some of you upset, but my range of motion is great and I have little pain unless I push my arm. Today, post op day 11, I was the passenger in front seat when my kids were fighting. I spun around without thinking to reach the seat behind me. (stomach facing the seat w right arm pit pressed against the seat.) My repaired arm was in one of the few positions my surgeon said I should not be in, arm bent at 90 degrees palm facing forward and externally rotated. My son pushed my arm further externally ( away from my body) rotating it. I immediately was in moderate pain and told him to stop as I realized I placed my self exactly how I was told not to be. My wife ( driving) hears me in pain and freaks out slamming on the breaks. I shoot forward further extending my arm which is caught behind my car seat and now in real pain. I played it off as not so bad, but it really hurt and kept aching until now 6 hrs later. I thought I was gonna be okay, but I just lifted my arm laterally feeling out my shoulder and when I put it back down it made a eerie squeaky/grinding noise. It feels uncomfortable, but not really painful beyond the pain I was in from the injury earlier. Of course I'm worried that I ruined my slap repair. The physicians assistant on call I spoke w does not know me and said I may have broken some scar tissue. Anyone have a similar problem. I've heard of arms squeaking from breaking scar tissue. Could the injury have broken some scar tissue causing the squeak? Anyone squeak/ grind after tearing their repair? What does it actually feel like to mess up the repair? Any feed back would be great. Thanks.
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