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      TOPIC: Ashley's top ten tips

      Ashley's top ten tips 10 years, 5 months ago #754

      • Andy
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      Mecca, wow! That totally took me back to when I hurt myself. My shoulder and neck felt very similar to yours. The pain just radiated out from the shoulder and felt like someone had torn my arm out of it's socket. I'm glad you finally got them to get to the bottom of it and it sounds like you have some good therapists lined up.

      Pillows! If you don't have a recliner, buy lots of pillows!

      Feel free to ask away.. We've got people here in all stages so hopefully we can get you feeling good for the 20th..


      Re: How this journey began 10 years, 5 months ago #755

      • Sugachell2
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      Thanks Andy, I already honestly love pillows and on my bed I have 6 King size pillows and 5 decorative pillows so I got a ton of them, I am thinking thought the wedge might make things a bit eazier though, I will see what my budget can allow as being out on workmans comp u get only a small percentage of ur actual salary and I am desperately trying to make things work...I read where someone else bought extra water bottles and twisted the caps prior to surg ect.... I am gonna see what I can do
      any helpful ideas please send them on
      I live alone but will have 2 cats to tend after as well


      Re: How this journey began 10 years, 5 months ago #759

      • Ashley
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      I was by myself after the first couple of days. While it's not ideal, you can do it with some planning to get everything ready before the surgery. Some of the things I did before surgery that made recovery easier:
      1. Fill the fridge and freezer with food that was easy to eat.
      2. Buy paper plates to eliminate need for washing dishes.
      3. Fill pain med prescription and put the meds in a non child-proof container. Put Advil in easy to open container. Put a piece of paper and pencil beside the meds and write it down EVERY time you take something. You'll get fuzzy-headed and won't remember whether you already took the meds.
      4. Have lots of ice on hand and buy some gel packs at Wal-Mart to recycle.
      5. Open juice bottles or cans of food you plan to use the first few days and store them in fridge. You won't be able to twist the tops or use the can opener without a struggle.
      6. Fill the car with gas
      7. Get slip-on shoes
      8. Put a table against the side of the bed with my good arm. Put a basket on the table to contain TV remote, book, pencil, phone, etc. Otherwise you never can keep track of those essentials.
      9. Get someone to take you to first post-op appointment since you won't be allowed to drive.

      I don't have a recliner either, so I bought a foam wedge off the internet that really helped the first 10 days or so. It is 28" x 28", with an incline of 12 inches and cost approx $50. There was no way I could have slept flat or even with a bunch of pillows. I needed the support of the wedge to stay more upright. I don't need it anymore and would be happy to ship it to you but I don't think there is a mechanism to exchange addresses on this site.

      I hope this helps. Good luck in your preparations.

      Re: How this journey began 10 years, 5 months ago #775

      • 03bmorgac
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      sleeping is bad! usde a recliner with plenty of pillows like these guys said. i would also advise not going on a aeroplane for a while. after 5 weeks i went flying on holiday, and it hurt like hell! good luck! xxx

      Re: How this journey began 10 years, 4 months ago #938

      • Andy
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      Stickied because of Ashley's awesome list of things to do first.

      Re: How this journey began 10 years, 4 months ago #943

      • dobbslaw
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      Andy: Just wanted to say thanks for starting this site. Just amazing that recovery is so similar and discovering it has helped my patience level.
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