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      TOPIC: Ashley's top ten tips

      Re:Ashley's top ten tips 8 years, 4 months ago #8420

      • chikboxr
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      3 days out and feeling surprisingly good. no caps in post as i'm typing one-handed. here's a few more tips:

      shirt of choice has been my teenage son's zip-front hoodie. hood nice for sleeping in recliner, pockets for tissues, etc, cozy.i'm wearing a tank top underneath so i can unzip it if i get too warm.

      stock up on movies esp. for the first night when you will need something to distract you from pain. action flicks best as there's not much plot line to follow and you will really feel like you've been in the fight!

      books -- how many times you read the same paragraph will depend on the strength of your pain meds. on the other hand philosphy will make a surprising amount of sense (at least until the meds wear off). might want to get large print books as your ability to focus will be somewhat compromised.

      girls -- wash your hair and style it before you go to surgery. you will not be showering again for a couple of days and you will feel so much better afterward if you know you look halfway normal. seems silly but it's true.

      your arm will get stuck to your side from the scrub residue and sweat. as soon as you get it unstuck put some baby powder in there to keep it dry. baby oil or skin-so-soft (or wd40 for you die-hard types) will take off the tape residue.

      a backscratcher is a godsend

      good luck to all who are about to have surgery, and for those in the midst of recovery, keep your chin up and keep moving forward! make the most of your downtime, and don't forget to give thanks for your "support staff", if you have some!

      Re: How this journey began 7 years, 8 months ago #12215

      • jenjeepers
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      This is an awesome list thank you1

      Re:Ashley's top ten tips 7 years, 6 months ago #12886

      • debbie
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      hi jamie..i am going for surgery in a few sorry u r so uncomfortabe, but it sounds like u need a new doctor..just my opinion...if its worker tell your adjuster to get u too someone else..good luck..also just not get an attorney unless u really have too..the ins . co must do everythig 4 u to the letter of the lae..i got an attorney for my other imjury and he just screwed around till i couldnt take the pressure i settled with out being cured

      Re: Ashley's top ten tips 2 years, 9 months ago #30412

      I am 16 and I had labrum repair with 7 anchors for my shoulder it was fine and not hurting until I went ice skating and I feel on my side with my arm out and it shifted was a little soar but then the next morning it popped it hurt pretty good that was right at five and it has been 8 months now and it is soar an swollen but it doesn't hurt when I throw or do stuff above my head but I can push in on it and it moves a little and it squeaked a lot after I feel and it keeps getting swollen it just don't feel the same and it hurts when my arm is relaxed and somebody pushes in from the side or back it's tender please help what do you think it is please respond and tell me please I'm scared
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