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      TOPIC: Ashley's top ten tips

      Re: How this journey began 10 years, 4 months ago #946

      • Andy
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      You're more than welcome! I was pretty frustrated when I started because there is so little info out there on what is becoming a really common surgery. Glad it's helping out.

      Re: How this journey began 9 years, 10 months ago #1653

      • Greg777
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      Since this is a sticky for useful information, you must have a link to Andy's blog, it is extremely detailed and answered a lot of my questions:

      Also, at the seven week anniversary Andy wrote the following:

      "Sleep – What’s sleep? I haven’t had a good night of sleep since before the surgery. If anything it’s worse now. I can’t get comfortable at all. If I’m on my back, my shoulder pulls backwards. On my side I have no idea what to do with it. I typically toss and turn most of the night."

      My PT had a suggestion that works very well.

      Andy is right, if you lay on your back your shoulder falls backwards and puts a strain on the joint.

      If you sleep on your back, and you are not in your sling, get a thin king size pillow and position it sideways so that it goes under your arm and over your chest.

      This creates a gentle cushion so your arm does not fall back too far.

      Trick is to use a fairly thin pillow, if it is too thick your arm will be too high.

      Also, even though it goes without saying, be sure in the early going to remind yourself to use your good arm to position your bad arm and the pillow, do not try to lift your bad arm.

      Re: How this journey began 9 years, 10 months ago #1656

      • pucks
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      I'm not sure if this sleeping tip helps, but...

      I find half the time I cannot sleep because I'm forced to lay on my back and I'm not a sleep-on-your-back kind of person.

      What I do is stick a pillow under my back on the same side as my bad arm... the pillow kind of serves as a wedge so I can kind of fake sleeping on my good side.

      I find the little microbead pillows (like the ones you can find at Brookstone or other home stores) are great to stick under your slinged arm at night.

      And I guess when all else fails... ask your doctor for something to help you sleep.

      Re:Ashley's top ten tips 9 years, 10 months ago #1663

      Hello everyone! My name is Jamie. I am a paramedic with a type 2 slap tear. It happened 3/8/07 while lifting a Pt. I was sent to Occupational and diagnosed incorrectly for over 1 month. The Doc called it a Biceps strain. When it was getting worse with PT, he finally gave up and sent me to another Doc. After that horrible Arthogram MRI, He found the tear. I had surgery on 4-26. Things were going well until last week and today the Doc offered me another surgery to see if I pulled my Anchors out.
      I can't think of what I did to it that would pull it out but I am really upset and frusterated. I am on light duty and I REALLY want this to be over!!
      My question is obviously if any one has had this happen to them.
      I am also looking for opinions about having a scope done to look for a pulled anchor.
      My symptoms seem vague. I don't have 10/10 pain all the time where I cannot move my arm. It feels like the normal tight arm that needs to loosen back up most of the time. The pain that has me worried is a very irritating feeling deep in my shoulder. It feels like when you have something stuck in your tooth. It's annoying and it feels like something is stuck in there. At night, I can't get to sleep bacause as soon as I relax my arm, I get this shooting pain down my arm. It feels like a pinched nerve but the Doc told me that there is not a nerve there that could be pinched. My HUGE fear (which is pretty lame BTW) is that he will go in, and not find anything wrong. Which would just make me feel like a wimpy girl who can't tolarate a little pain.
      I have a few days to decide what to do. In the mean tome, I am back on the Norco and I start prednisone tomorrow. Please give me your thoughts. I really appreciate your advice.


      Re:Ashley's top ten tips 9 years, 10 months ago #1665

      • Ashley
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      I'm sorry to hear things are not going well during your recovery.

      My surgeon said it would take a pretty significant bump to dislodge the anchors, even during the first couple weeks. Before you look at getting scoped again, has your doctor considered doing another MRI? Seems like the anchor would show up on the images.

      Is your pain only when your arm is relaxed and unsupported? I remember having trouble sleeping for weeks and weeks because of the discomfort when the shoulder was unsupported. I finally found a large foam wedge that I could use under the bad shoulder and running down along the bad arm. Also used a small pillow between the arm and chest to keep the arm aligned properly. It certainly wasn't perfect but it made a big improvement in sleeping discomfort.


      Re:Ashley's top ten tips 8 years, 7 months ago #7499

      • nipster
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      Just wanted to say "hey" and that I'm so glad I found this site. I go in tomorrow to talk to the Dr. about surgery for my slap tear. I don't know how bad it is other than when he called with the results of the MRI he said that I had a "signifacant slap tear". So far the information that I've farmed from this site has been great. Things I hadn't thought of doing or having to get used to doing. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back on asking questions.
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