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      Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op
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      TOPIC: Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op

      Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op 7 years, 8 months ago #12782

      • Cath
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      Hi everyone,
      I've been reading all your posts with great interest over the last few months, and it's time to post my own!

      I had my operation between 11 and 12 weeks ago. I had a SLAP 2 repair with 2 anchors. During the op, the biceps tendon looked fine.

      It's now started hurting quite alot! Details of the progression are:

      It was feeling fine for the first 9 weeks, I was progressing really well with the PT excercises, doing external and internal rotations and elevations. At about the 9 week mark it started really hurting, with pain in the bicep, and front of the shoudler and upper arm (same symptoms as before the surgery). This lasted about 8 days before I checked in with the surgeon. This pain coincided with an increase in PT, including introduction of bicep curls.

      My surgeon thought it was inflammed and recommended anti inflammatories and rest. After one week of rest and anti inflammatories, it was feeling much better. I started the excercises very gently in the last 3 days and it was ok untill today. Pain is back again, just as badly. The surgeon says to wait a few more weeks...

      What I'm wondering is: Is this normal??!! Have other people had this type of pain onset after a good start? Does it mean the shoulder is not repaired?? I'm feeling pretty worried, and it's somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster.

      Any comments would be greatly appreciated,

      Thanks alot,

      Re:Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op 7 years, 8 months ago #12783

      • johnt0148
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      I am 16 weeks post-op on my right shoulder and 5 days post-op on my left shoulder for the same slap 2 surgery, and the pain in my right shoulder has been keeping me from sleeping the last 2 nights. PT strenghening exercises are the cupprit. I don't have any inflammation that I am aware of, but ice does help with some of the pain and a heating pad helps with the scapular pain. The pain does disapate until the next pt session.

      Re:Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op 7 years, 8 months ago #12784

      • alex
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      sounds familiar. pls, ask your PT to access you for where humeral head is sitting. if it is shifted anteriorly then lay off the bicep work and work on strengthening RC and the back of your shoulder to properly place humeral head. Only when you can control it well then come back to the bicep work. Ultrasound worked for me to calm down the bicep as well in early stages. stretching the tendon will help a lot, but make sure that they show gentle stretches that won't pull on the repair. It takes time, but should help...

      Re:Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op 7 years, 6 months ago #13420

      • Vicki
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      I am 11-12 weeks post-op and thought I was finally getting over the hump a couple weeks ago. I have been on continuous pain meds and am on my 2nd anti-inflammatory. Over the past 3 days I have cried a lot because of the pain and the lack of progress I seem to be making. A lot of my pain is in my bicep as well. I also think it's due to using the weights. They started me on 1 lb. the next time it was 2 lb. and the next it was 3 lb. and I have been there since. I think they added weight too quickly but what do I know??? It KILLS me but my p/t tells me that I have to push myself and that the first 3 months is critical so I continue to push myself for fear that I won't make progress after that. I did finally call the doctor today to see if they can do an MRI or something to see if there is an underlying issue. I also have severe pain in my elbow and it cracks often. It hurts when I straighten out my arm.

      My surgery was the end of July and I am not scheduled to go back to work until Oct. 26 if the doctor releases me at that time. I NEVER dreamed it would be this much recovery time. I honestly thought I would be back to my normal routine after 2 weeks. I am a teacher and was not able to start the school year off with my students. I am a bit older (49) which may be the reason for the length of recovery but I am also active and work out 5 days per week (before surgery) and try to hit the gym 3 days per week once I started feeling better--of course, only doing lower body cardio.

      I have made some notes from some of the posts that I have seen so I can ask my doctor. I am going to ask about the bicep tendonitis that others have mentioned. I would like to know the cause of this and why it's so prevalent after surgery. Know that you are not alone in this and keep your chin up.

      Re:Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op 7 years, 6 months ago #13424

      • sskylor
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      Alex is absolutely correct. At the first hint of biceps pain you must lay off. US and kinesiotape are helpful to calm the tendon down and prevent a full blown tendonosis. Do not let your PT push this and work on all the other supporting musculature and gentle stretches to the biceps are key. It can take a number of weeks to calm down and then very slowly you can resume. Like Alex and many others, I too have had bouts of biceps pain so pay attention and do not let it get out of hand. Sharon

      Hanko, How is your ROM? This is what needs to be pushed in the first few months. Stay away from the curls and have your PT give you some US and yes you are in too much pain if you are still having to take pain meds. Most OS are telling people to not use antinflammatories for the first 6 weeks as this tends to delay healing. Try to get the post-op report so you can better understand what exactly was done and for posting purposes and questions it is very helpful. You were imobilized for a very long period of time so from the rehab side things will go slower, but the pain seems too much at this point.

      Re:Pain and inflammation 12 weeks post op 6 years, 5 months ago #19522

      • TheBoxer
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      hey Cath, im wondering what kind of pain you felt/feeling? did it feel like a burning/achy sensation?
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