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      TOPIC: 9 days post-op

      9 days post-op 7 years, 2 months ago #15680

      Hi, I'm 9 days post op for SLAP II repair with two anchors. Injured two years ago when I fell while dowhill skiing, had one cortisone shot and finally "had time" for surgery. I'm feeling pretty good, tolerable pain--stopped taking pain meds four days after surgery (I'm not much of a pill person). Doing pendulum exercises 3x day. Will start PT on the 15th which I know will be painful but necessary for recovery. Returning to work on the 16th four hours a day.

      I did a lot of reading on this website prior to surgery and would like to thank everyone for posting so much information. It was very helpful going into this.

      I'd say the worst part so far is trying to sleep at night--just can't get comfortable. May need to take something at night to help me rest.

      Best day was yesterday after I got my stitches out and could take a shower!!


      Re:9 days post-op 7 years, 2 months ago #15681

      • Susie
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      I dislocated my shoulder on Sunday and had a very hard time getting comfortable that night (even though I was hopped up on morphine and vicodin). The key for me was to get every pillow in the house and prop myself up. Without that, I don't know if I could sleep.

      Re:9 days post-op 7 years, 2 months ago #15690

      • Nothappy
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      Sherry i'm 5 days post op and have been able to sleep 2 x4hrs per night. I start off in the recliner with my cryocuff on and usually make it about 4 hours then get up, take a Lortab with some yogurt, do some pendulums and table top exercises then lay down in bed with a flat pillow just under my shoulder. Finally turn the iPod on and I've been able to get another 4-5 hours.

      Re:9 days post-op 7 years, 2 months ago #15722

      • afriedman
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      hi am 3days post op i had lots of trouble sleeping had my os presb. ambien worked great as i had now where to go the next day i am sooo happy.
      andrew sorry typing one handed:P

      Re:9 days post-op 7 years, 2 months ago #15733

      • sskylor
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      Sounds like you are doing well and yes sleeping is tough in the beginning. If you are not using a recliner, using a bed wedge or massive pillow prop for the upper body worked well for me. I also was off pain meds by day 4 but took Tylenol PM for about a month to help with sleeping. Just curious how did you fall on your shoulder while skiing? Was it outstretched or by your side?
      Was it very obvious after the fall that the shoulder was very painful and not right or did it take a month or 2 to realize it?

      Re:9 days post-op 7 years, 2 months ago #15742

      Hi Sharon,

      I actually felt it pretty much right away. I fell on an outstretched hand. I kept skiing for rest of season and just took it easy hoping not to fall. I couldn't lift my arm past past my shoulder, couldn't really go past the plane of my body without sharp pain. I thought I could just tough it out, been athletic my whole life, but finaly went to dr---took xrays---sent me to PT where it was misdiagnosed---after three months, and I wasn't getting better, therapist said I need an MRI. Finally got that 5 months after injury. YUP--definite SLAP injury. Got a cortisone shot, felt tons better. At this point the dr never told me that it couldn't heal itself, I was under the impression that the cortisone relieved the pain while it healed. WRONG!! Cortisone shot worked for about 6 months, my ROM was pretty good and it was uncomfortable but I was pretty used to it. Started working out at the gym---thought I injured myself again....went to different dr...told me it can't heal itself...I could have another cortisone shot or have surgery. Finally forced to get surgery hoping that afterwards, I will be able to at least do push-ups... dr said no guarantees that I will be able to because of my age, I said no guarantees that I won't be able to...I'm only 45 yrs old and not ready to give up my active here I am today with my arm in a sling waiting for PT to start and hoping for the best!


      P.S. I say "forced" to get surgery because I'm in the military and can't stay in if I'm not deployable which I'm not in this condition.
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