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      TOPIC: 7 months post op - still pain

      7 months post op - still pain 5 years, 7 months ago #22153

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      I know these types of questions get asked all the time but is it normal to be still experiencing pain after7 months post op?

      You hear of athletes getting back to sport after 3-6 months and I am still trying to get my ROM back - which seems to hurt alot when I am stretching with my PT.

      Today I was closing a window and when i was pulling it down I got the worst pain I have ever felt in my shoulder more then I ever had prior to my surgery and even during the recovery of my surgery. The pain stopped straight away but I can still feel this really faint ache pulsating down my arm - sort of like a reminder to me of what just happened.

      I get so down about things a lot lately because I am so hoping to make a full recovery because if I wasn't a physically active person I would not require surgery, but my youth (currently 30) has been put on hold for so many years because my shoulder wouldn't allow me to do the physical things I used to enjoy.

      I have since been diagnosed with a SLAP to my other shoulder and partial supraspinatus tear which I have had 4 cortisone injections for since March.

      The OP I have had done to my left was just to tighten the capsule. What I don't understand is, is that the pain I used to get was from the stretched capsule, but now the operation was to tighten the capsule by grabbing the slack and anchoring it to the bone - how does this stop the pain?

      My surgeon has told me to expect some discomfort which should settle down in the next 3 months but it is hurting a lot when I am stretching at PT - which is only in flexion by the way.

      Re:7 months post op - still pain 5 years, 7 months ago #22158

      • ljansen
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      Hi Luke,

      I know what you mean, recovery can be a very stressful process especially when you're an active person trying to get back to that lifestyle. I will complete honest with you here tho, recovery from this type of surgery can take a year and in most people, it takes that full year before things fully return to normal. I had the capsule tightened on my right shoulder, and even just that being done, it took me a year. I had some issues getting ROM back and later in the recovery (around the same point you are right now), I woke up one morning to find all my ROM returned, it was as if everything just reset itself over night. This sudden return of ROM is not uncommon by the way, it happens to a lot of people and I have one of those nights months down the road after each and every one of my surgeries (I've had one right surgery, 4 left shoulder surgeries).

      I know it's discouraging, but this type of recovery really does take time and A LOT of patience. I refuse to go by the guidelines you read or are told in terms of recovery, because those seem to be geared towards someone who would have access to a PT, etc on a daily basis and that's just not the case for the majority, we all have lives that we have to work in around our rehab.

      In terms of how tightening the shoulder stops the pain, by doing that, the humerus is realigned/centred back into the socket and when the static stabilizers (ligaments/capsule) are working properly, that takes more stress off the rotator cuff (the cuffs job is to centre the humerus in the socket), reducing muscle compensations and so forth and allows things to function in a more timely and efficient manner.

      Hope that helps, hang in there. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

      R. Shoulder Capsular Shift - Sept. 03
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      L. Shoulder Open Latarjet & Arthroscopy - Nov. 24, 2011
      L. Shoulder Capsular Release/SAD - June 11, 2012
      L. Shoulder Capsular Release/Screw Removal/Biceps Tenotomy - Mar. 22, 2013
      L. Shoulder Arthroscopic Latarjet Screw Removal, Interval Repair, Axillary Neurolysis, Debridement

      Re:7 months post op - still pain 5 years, 7 months ago #22177

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      Hi Leanne,

      Thanks for that information, it makes it easier to cope when I know I am not the only one going through this.

      Do you remember your rehab for the capsule tightening surgery? My surgeon has given my PT instructions to stretch my arm (just not in ext. rotation).

      I expected some pain with this but I have been doing this stretching for a month now - with the PT and at home along with my weights program. My ROM has improved slightly, however I am still getting a lot of pain in the original injured area and now I am getting this stinging pain in my acromion when I am lowering my arm down from a stretched position. Adding to this I am also getting a very distinct pain in the inside of my elbow after I lower my arm down from a stretched position.

      I am so paranoid about re injuring the shoulder as this is my second op on the shoulder (first op was to repair AC joint tear which has never caused any problems after) but as I am now noticing all these new aches and pains on a constant basis I am worried I may have been doing some damage.

      I am going to ring the surgeon next week and see if I am doing something wrong.
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