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      Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder
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      TOPIC: Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder

      Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder 6 years, 4 months ago #19778

      • Jossy
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      Hi everybody

      I am new to this board and was hoping that maybe somebody had experienced something similar and could offer some advice.

      I had a SLAP repair done on 13th October for a sports injury, and as expected the first few weeks after surgery my shoulder was quite painful and stiff. I was told to keep the sling on for 4 weeks - which I did, but physio was started after 2 weeks. This consisted of just basic stretching excercises to the point of where it hurt, but not beyond. Anyway, last week I returned to see the surgeon just for him to check how my recovery was going. He then asked me to stretch my arm out to my side at an angle that was virtually impossible for me (the most I can stretch my arm sideways is about 85/90 degrees, in front about 100 degrees, behind my back is non existent). This concerned him somewhat, and upon further inspection he has now diagnosed me as having a frozen shoulder, caused by the initial surgery to repair my SLAP tear. This is devastating news for me, as obviously it has put the recovery time miles back to what I was hoping it would be, not to mention the thought of having another operation just to cure the damage caused by the first one. I live in the UK, so have been seeing the NHS physio, but have also started seeing a private physio aswell (someone I have known for a number of years). He says a frozen shoulder can be treated by hands on manipulation of the joint in order to break down the scar tissue beneath, but that it is very hard to put a time scale on it.

      My question to anybody who may have experienced the same dilemma, is should I persevere with the hands on physio therapy in the hope that the scar tissue will break away to the point that I regain movement (and I cease to be in such pain!!)? Or should I listen to the surgeon and have the release operation performed? Has anybody ever had a release performed after a SLAP repair? If so, how did it go? Was it worth it? Is there a chance that it is not a frozen shoulder, just that the original SLAP repair has not healed properly? I have until approx January to decide if I want the procedure done or not. Any advice would be most welcome.

      Thanks, Jossy.

      Re:Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder 6 years, 4 months ago #19779

      • johnt0148
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      Well Jossy,
      I'm sure the experts will weigh in on this one, but my experience was identical to your post up to the point when you went back to your surgeon and were told you had frozen shoulder. That sounds a bit ridiculous. It took me 6 months to return to 80% ROM and I still work on movement behind my back.

      Frozen shoulder can be an issue when your PT hits a wall and your not close to normal ROM. I would try to get another opinion if you can just to be sure.

      Re:Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder 6 years, 4 months ago #19780

      • riderk
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      I had a rotator cuff repair 11/23/09 (full thickness supraspinatus tear from an injury 8/09) and developed a frozen shoulder pretty quickly. It was a very tough time in PT and finally had the lysis of adhesions and capsular release 7 months later. That helped a LOT with regaining some range of motion. AFter all this time, over a year, I never did progress beyond stretching in PT. Sadly, I still have a lot of pain and am having the third surgery in 4 days - if I can get to the hospital with this horrible winter storm that is forecast (live in Ohio)! I am 55 and am fairly active -not so much any more in the last year.

      Re:Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder 6 years, 4 months ago #19783

      Hi, I read your post with interest. I had slap 2 surgery on October 15th. I also was in a sling for 4 weeks. I have about the same range of motion that you are describing. My pt also mentioned frozen shoulder because I am female and in his words "Old" ( I did not think50 was old:) .
      I will be seeing my OS on the 23rd of December. I am hoping this is the normal rate of recovery. I will post after I see him.

      Thanks to everyone on this site for sharing their stories. This site has really helped me get through each stage of recovery so far.

      Re:Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder 6 years, 4 months ago #19785

      • combatlisa
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      Hi Jossy,

      I had my slap repair with two anchors on August 13 and stoped moving forward around 9 weeks. I am not afraid of pain and let my therapist push me until they felt they could go no further. I began having terrible scapular and trap pain and my OS suggested a MUA because I was developing frozen shoulder. He said there was a chance we would do a capsular release but only as a last resort. I had my mua the first week of Nov. and it was the best thing I ever did. Now, 17 weeks post op, I have full active and external rom back and I am working hard on internal. Let me know if you have any questions! Lisa

      Ps you came to the right place! alot of great people will help you out!

      Re:Type 2 SLAP repair post operation frozen shoulder 6 years, 4 months ago #19791

      • kcdtarheel
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      I had a similar experience as you have described. I would say at the 6 week mark my OS knew there was a problem since I only had about 100 degrees of flexion, even passively, and it was extremely painful to go past that point. He threw everything at it which included a steroid dose pack that helped. I continued to push hard in PT and ROM improved but not to the extent that I needed for my sport (tennis). I ended up having a second surgery to release the capsule and it helped a ton. I still lack about 10 degrees of motion that causes some pain at end range, but it's much better than it was before the second surgery. My surgeon said he wouldn't release the capsule before the 6 month mark. Good luck and keep us posted.
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