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      TOPIC: bicep brachii injury?

      bicep brachii injury? 6 years, 4 months ago #19604

      • vtex85
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      any of you heard of this?

      i was starting off with a personal trainer a few weeks ago, and he had me go hard at it with heavier amount of weights i've never attempted lifting before with the butterfly machine. while doing it a felt a popping sensation in my bicep brachii area.

      it does not hurt, did not swell up, and my arm did not change any colors..just when i sleep on that arm it hurts a lil bit. its tolerable. i only get that popping sensation when i move my arm in the motion of a butterfly. i can do any other normal function with my arm and not feel that feeling..just when i do the butterfly motion. the trainer said to put ice on it and don't do that certain exercise for a few weeks then try at it again. so it was 3 weeks ago and he said give it a try...and the popping feeling is still there. he said to wait a few more weeks and try again, but continue doing curls since i don't get that feeling when doing those.

      i'm thinking maybe this guy doesnt know what he is talking about and i should go see a Dr..

      my shoulder feels fine, my elbow feels fine...just the area in between them is where i get that popping feeling. again it does not hurt, just feels odd when it pops



      Re:bicep brachii injury? 6 years, 4 months ago #19608

      • ljansen
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      if it's in the middle of the muscle the only thing i could think it could be is a muscle strain and it is possible you have scar tissue forming over the tear adding to the popping feeling. if you never felt anything in the shoulder or elbow, that's the most logical possibility. strains typically take 6 weeks to heal. lay off aggravating exercises for that time and focus on stretching the biceps and massaging it and see if that helps and heating it. if that doesn't work, get it checked out by a sports med doc or PT.

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      Re:bicep brachii injury? 6 years, 4 months ago #19615

      • vtex85
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      thanks... yeah i don't think i tore anything since it doesnt actually hurt at all, only if i sleep on it or if i tried working out. i have a very physically demanding job, so i'll just switch to using my other arm for work and let this one rest for a few weeks see if it helps at all.
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