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      Bad News for the 3rd Time
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      TOPIC: Bad News for the 3rd Time

      Bad News for the 3rd Time 4 years, 7 months ago #25552

      • esiegel
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      Good Morning Everyone,

      So I am now writing on this forum about a new injury for the 3rd time in the past two years...I am a college cheerleader, and one of those "girls who puts people up in the air". I have had 2 labral repairs including two anchors put in through the posterior. After my last surgery 9 months ago, I never really got better. I tried to go back to cheering and I was never the same, and began to realize something was not right at all. I have been to two seperate doctors who now believe I may still have an existing tear as well as a possible bicep tendon tear or tendonitis.

      The pain is an aching, dull, annoying pain that never seems to go away. I wake up from pain, especially if I roll over to sleep on the shoulder that has the pain. I can't throw a baseball, trying to lift objects about my head is almost impossible, and whenever I go to sharply or abruptly punch or something my arm feels like its about to fall off. I have been out of cheerleading for 9 months and the pain hasnt gone away still. I have done physical therapy and that hasnt helped at all. The front of my shoulder around the joint socket and the outside of my upper arm/shoulder is so tender to any form of touch.

      I have an MRI next week at the Cleveland Clinic, and then my follow up 48 hours later. I just want answers at this point...has anybody gone through anything similiar or had similar pain? What was your experience like?

      I have been researching bicep tendonitis and it seems that if the pain goes on for a lenghty amount of time surgery is the answer.....anybody had this?

      In Pain,

      Captain Cripple Crew

      Re: Bad News for the 3rd Time 4 years, 7 months ago #25553

      • riderk
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      I had 2 surgeries at CCF. Unfortunately my surgeon left - he was not the type to fit in that environment. As he said, he believes in being honest with his patients "to a fault if you ask some of my colleagues." Be sure you get a second opinion before proceeding with more surgery.

      Re: Bad News for the 3rd Time 4 years, 1 month ago #27710

      • akadiane5
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      I hope your MRI revealed something! I wanted to let you know that the discomfort you describe is very similar to what I felt with having a partial long head biceps tendon tear, a small supraspinatus (rotator cuff) tear, and biceps tendonitis (which I still struggle with, but the pain has eased up tremendously with the biceps tenodesis surgery). When apart oak biceps tendon tear goes untreated, all the other muscles start overcompensating and 'freaking out'. After a year of that nonsense i felt as though someone had hit me in the shoulder with a bat! If your MRI didn't show anything, don't lose hope. I had two imaging sessions but neither one revealed the partial tendon tear. I happened to have an independent medical exam with a brilliant physician who finally diagnosed the issue correctly. He is the one that I chose to do my surgery and I am happy with the results. Because you have had two prior surgeries on that shoulder, there could be any number of issues going on, and remember that no surgery will have you feeling 100% better. There will always be some leftover 'quirks' that we have to work around. I wish you all the best in your treatment and hope that you are feeling better!
      L Biceps Tenodesis 2/17/12
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