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      Bike Accident, Broken Jaw, shattered fingers
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      TOPIC: Bike Accident, Broken Jaw, shattered fingers

      Bike Accident, Broken Jaw, shattered fingers 7 years, 9 months ago #11963

      Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an intoduction and hopefully be able calm myself down a bit by talking out my upcoming and prior surgery, and get any advice or wisdom from people going into the same sort of op.

      So about 1 year ago, August 19th, another cyclist cut me off (and subsequently rode off without so much as a name or call to an ambulance) on the street, and because of his mag / aero / hipster wheel my front tire went through his wheel, and catapulted me into the intersection. VERY long story VERY shortened, what resulted was two shattered fingers just above / at the knuckles, and a broken jaw. Surgery round one put a bracket and pins into both middle and ring finger, and simultaniously wired my mouth shut for the next month. After 8 months of physical therapy I have plateaued at about 60% of a fist actively (passively I can go all the way), and my jaw clicks when I chew, and hurts if I open too wide (too wide = a decent hamburger).

      So surgery round two (this upcoming July 14) will remove the brackets, and perform tenolysis to tether out the scar tissue and give me 80-90% movement (if not 100%, which would be rad). But they do this by cutting zig zag lines from the middle of my palm to the middle of each finger. Which would be fine, but...I work as a camera assisstant / office assisstant / editor, all things that are hand-heavy work. I am commited to going through with the surgery as this is the prime time for it (bones are soft enough to take the brackets out yet strong enough to be on their own). But its REALLY REALLY intimidating to...well go through this again after literally JUST having recovered enough to be back to "normal". I skate, play video games, work with high end camera equipment, Canyon Carve my Mini Cooper and do all her maintenance and tuning, in essence my daily life requries both hands, and I don't know if this is better or worse to know its coming or just go through it.

      So now that thats out there, I guess what I am looking for is anyone in a similar or who's had a similar situation, how recovery was, what helped, what didn't, any wisdom some fellow members would have would be rad!

      Re:Bike Accident, Broken Jaw, shattered fingers 7 years, 9 months ago #11981

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      This site is primarily for SLAP tear recoveries. You had a very unique accident and subsequent injuries, not sure you will find anyone with the same situation here. It is always good to get second opinions, but given that you are only 60%, need full hand function and that the time for surgery is now, I think this is the wise decision. Good luck, stay positive and of course PT will again be your best friend.
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