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      TOPIC: Knee hyperextension

      Knee hyperextension 8 years, 2 months ago #10066

      Hi Guys,

      I just wanted to get your thoughts on an injury I did last night.

      While playing basketball (end of 3rd quarter) I hyper extended my knee when trying to stop suddenly. It hurt a bit and I felt a pop inside my knee somewhere. The pain was tolerable but I felt like I had a loss of strength for a short time.

      I finished the quarter and stretched it and it felt ok but not perfect. I managed to play the rest of the game and did some sprints etc with no issues.

      The next morning the muscle at the back of my leg behind my knee is pretty sore (expected, as it was stretched) but I have a bit of pain inside my knee and I think I can feel a bit of clicking (not much). There is no swelling to speak of.

      I probably should get it checked out but I'll wait for some of the initial pain to go away first. I'm just worried this is something bad (like ACL) because I've been scared of busting something in my knee for a while. I play basketball once a week and jog most other days.

      I know its probably best diagnosed by a doctor and hard for you to say, but does it sound severe?

      I like to think that if it were a severe injury, I couldn't have finished the game.

      Any thoughts, opinions or personal experiences to share?

      Many thanks.
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