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      MRI Results/Torn MCL~ Any Advice?
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      TOPIC: MRI Results/Torn MCL~ Any Advice?

      MRI Results/Torn MCL~ Any Advice? 7 years, 10 months ago #11793

      I was wondering is anyone could help me out with my DX & prognosis.

      Briefly: 6 weeks ago I was coming into the house from the pool. I slipped on the tile and fell. I have no health ins.

      Went to a Chiro because at their facility they do PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) 7 Weeks later he was still doing Laser on me. Never had me wear a brace or take anti-inflammitory meds.

      My MRI results show the following:

      1.) Moderate partial tear of the MCL predominantly involving the anterior fibers of t he superficial layer.
      2.) Bone brusing of the posterolateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle.
      3.) Small knee joint effusion. There is no baker cyst.
      4.) Mild chondrosis of the patelloferoral compartment, affecting predoninantly the medial patelar facet.

      When he got the results he wanted me to have PRP and laser treatments. Well, I scheduled the PRP andthe first time they called and said they didn't have enough people to do it, so they rescheduled. They have an MD come in and do it. Next time they called me when I was 8 minutes from the clinic to tell me the man who draws the blood and prepares it for injection was a no call no show. Since then I have not been back. If the man isn't responsible enough to call into work when he knows an MD and 9 patients are scheduled for therapy, then I am nervous about him not mixing up my blood with someone else.

      Now, with my MRI report in hand I am going to try to find a PT facility that will do therapy without a Dr's order if I am not using insurance.

      This Chiro was acting like I had to have the PRP or I would need a knee replacement in the future.

      Any advice would be great and also, can anyone explain my DX to me in lay man's terms.

      BTW I am still in pain and it still wakes me up at night. I walk with a limp and it is swollen


      Re:MRI Results/Torn MCL~ Any Advice? 7 years, 10 months ago #11800

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      Briefly in regards to ligaments tears. The best form of treatment for a partial tears is to wear a straight leg brace to limit movement for the first 2-3 weeks to allow the ligament to set and heal. Ligaments can take 6-8 weeks to heal if you have not irritated it with too much flexion or stair climbing. If it has healed well you will feel better in 8 weeks and it may take another 4 before it is strong. If it has not healed well you will continue to have issues. PRP is not mandatory but can cut the healing time down by half 3-4 weeks. You can go to a PT and get some modality treatments but really you are better off giving it a few more non irritating weeks and seeking PRP or prolotherapy if it continues to give you issue chronicaly after this time.

      Swelling is not neccessarily a bad thing according to the idea behind PRP and prolotherapy. It is based on irritating the area to restimulate the healing process that was incomplete the first time around. Sharon

      Re:MRI Results/Torn MCL~ Any Advice? 7 years, 10 months ago #11808

      HI! Thanks for your post:)

      I didn't wear a leg brace. The Chiro gave me no instructions to stay off of it so I walked on it as best as I could.

      I am finding that it wakes me at night from staying still for too long. If I am sitting too long it hurts more.

      I was concerned about the joint effusion because the Chiro acted like if I didn't get the PRP to correct that, I would end up with knee replacement later.

      I feel like I wasted all that money. I was paying cash and went through about $1,500 so far just on the laser from the Chiro.

      I am not opposed to getting the PRP, I just have to find another clinic. I am not comfortable with getting it from that facility. Being they cancelled on me 2 X and the issues I explained in my first post, I am just not comfortable with letting them do the treatment.

      I'll go and see what they say at the PT facility. I would like to at least get some exercises so I can strengthen my knee.

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