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      Help! Scared of MRI with contrast.. knee pain!
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      TOPIC: Help! Scared of MRI with contrast.. knee pain!

      Help! Scared of MRI with contrast.. knee pain! 7 years, 3 months ago #15425

      I have a lateral femoral cyst on my knee, very small..but VERY painful. It comes and goes swelling up and down and had it checked out again.. the Dr. first said it was just "part of my knee" and nothing.. then a 2nd time said it's "definitely a cyst" and it's fluid, said it's either on the bone or a tendon he wasn't sure but it causes pain because of it's location right on my kneecap. So anytime going up steps, anything like that I feel it all over my knee!

      He wants me to go for an MRI with contrast..I had no idea what that meant and researching it all I keep reading are all of these comments from people who had terrible experiences and some long term effects from the dye. My question- should I get a second opinion on this since he wasn't even sure what it was at first, and do they have to inject dye into my there another way to xray to just remove this already?!?!


      Re:Help! Scared of MRI with contrast.. knee pain! 7 years, 3 months ago #15427

      • ljansen
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      although I only have experience with MRI and contrast of the shoulder and wrist, risks, etc are the same generally. the risks associated with it are low and although it can be uncomfortable, it's not horrible. the dye is injected directly into the joint, so they don't inject it directly into the bloodstream. you will have a local anesthetic injected first to numb it, followed by the dye, which will feel like pressure in the joint, you may have some aching.

      I would have the MRI with contrast done, as this will either confirm or deny what the doctor thinks and even if you went for a second opinion, they would send you for one as well.

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      Re:Help! Scared of MRI with contrast.. knee pain! 7 years, 3 months ago #15431

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      Lateral cyst are common and usually associated with lateral meniscal tears, which comprise something like 10% of all meniscal tears. Medial tears are representative of something like 90% of all tears, but not associated with cyst most of the time.

      You can treat such conservatively or if your ortho feels is as appropriate, you can undergo arthroscopic menisectomy which while is technically harder laterally, is usually sucessfull.

      Talk to your doc...
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