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      TOPIC: Lateral Meniscus Tear

      Lateral Meniscus Tear 7 years, 1 month ago #16524

      • BlueSky
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      Hi all... Got my shoulder figured out and in working order - now injured my knee in November wrestling with a big dog at work. I've already had surgery on this knee in 2002 for medial and lateral meniscus tears. Waited a few months hoping things would get better, but they've gotten worse. Finally saw WC OS who suspected medial meniscus tear (I'm still really tender in that area, pain with flexion, stairs, squatting, pivoting).

      MRI results show lateral meniscus tear, quad tendinosis, joint effusion, baker's cyst 4.1 x 0.4 cm. I'm in PT, which was now extended from 4 weeks to 7 weeks with the hopes of getting some benefit and avoiding surgery. (So far the knee is just really aggravated.)

      Questions: How accurate is the MRI with meniscus tears, especially in knees that have been scoped already- is it possible that there's a medial tear too? (Tears didn't show up with my injury in 2002 - only discovered when he went in.) Is it realistic to expect that I can avoid surgery, especially when I'm stressing my knees so much at work everyday? I've been working really hard at PT and my therapist is terrific - but it's hard to be patient. Anything else I could/should be doing?

      Thanks for any advice... happy healing to all those shoulders!


      Re:Lateral Meniscus Tear 7 years, 1 month ago #16530

      • sskylor
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      Sue, Glad your shoulder tenotomy has worked and you are doing well. In terms of the MRI of course they are not fool proof, but they do detect tears I believe better in the knee than in the shoulder. You do have a lot going on in the knee but because of the location, medial as it were, it does seem like the meniscus is at fault, but I wonder if the effusion or tendonosis other issues are contributing in anyway??? One thing I would ask is to get a lidocaine injection into the tendon and see if this changes the pain and your ability to do these actvities while in the office. I have lots of experience with tendonosis, stairs, bending and squating would provoke this the most primarily at the front of the knee. Eccentric rehab exercises on an incline over a 4 week period should provide relief. Again determining which of your problems is contibuting the most and having this attended to either concervatively or operatively is the most important thing that will lead to a painfree outcome. Sharon
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