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      Started my knee diagnosis today
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      TOPIC: Started my knee diagnosis today

      Re:Started my knee diagnosis today 10 years, 10 months ago #302

      • Thurman
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      Well i had a follow up for my Shoulder today and luckily he took a look at my knee and took and xray.

      He said all the ligaments are strong and mentioned i might have some kind of condition (I forget the name)where the knee cap gets pushed out a little. He said its common when you have sprained your MCL. I gotta do about 5 weeks of therapy.

      Re:Started my knee diagnosis today 10 years, 2 months ago #1194

      • tennischic
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      Ha...I am falling apart with my knees too! I guess I really shouldn't be laughing though

      Since I waited about 6 months to have my shoulder surgery I had to replace my normal activity of playing tennis. The obvious choice for me was to take up running and in that short time I think I've royally screwed up my left knee. I can make my left leg kinda pop in and out at the knee area (makes for great 'stupid human tricks'). After a hard run (pre-surgery of course) I felt like my knee was going to give out going up and down steps.

      I've already been through years of back problems, so I guess I am progressively getting my whole body checked out. The sad part? I am only 24 What happens in 20 more years?

      Oh well. I was thinking that when I go in for my 1 month post op appt I would have my doc check out my knee too. He is more of a knee guy anyways. If he can do good things for my shoulder than maybe he can work magic on my knees!!!

      Re:Started my knee diagnosis today 10 years, 2 months ago #1195

      • Andy
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      I should have updated my knee story a while back because they are going great now! Here's how...

      I found my problem was that most shoes are too supportive! The support causes a misalignment in my right knee and gave me all kinds of problems.

      For sports I wear Nike Free, which is basically a sole and a sock. It took a while for all the extra muscles I hadn't been using to start up again. Once they did however, things have been great! I can run again and I use an elliptical machine for 40 mins a day! And as a bonus my legs have muscles that they didn't before!

      BTW - I'm 32 and my warrantee expired a long time ago...
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