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      TOPIC: Cervical Radiculapothy

      Cervical Radiculapothy 9 years, 5 months ago #3276

      • Smith
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      Hi Everyone,

      I joined recently and wanted to see if anyone experiences a rotator and cervical combo injury. Just a quick recap of my situation. I was injured (work related about 2 yrs ago and was diagnosed with an unspecified shoulder sprain. The pain I experienced was in the back of shoulder at the base of my neck. After 3 month which included PT (incidentally this included neck modalities) I was told I had reached a plateau. I asked if I could get an MRI (none were ordered by comp doc's during this time) and it was of shoulder. MRI showed Rotator tear but at that time I wasnt experiencing too much discomfor in what I considerd the rotator region; however I still had the burning pain in the shoulder at bas of neck. WC approved rotator tear and I went to Orthopedic doc. Doc said I has a full thickness tear and outlined the procedure \ recovery . I asked if I could get a 2nd opinion as I wasnt sure about the open surgery and long recovery. I thought perhaps there was another treatment. Asi turned out the 2nd doc said although you have a rotator tear the main source of your shoulder problem is cervical in nature and ordered a cervical mri - The MRI of c-spine showed a bulging disc. WC denied the claim. I have scheduled a rotoator surgery next month as shoulder pain has gotten worse but am fighting the neck because the doc said I may not make a swift recovery with the neck issues. Anybody have similar situation or advice. Yes I did hire an atty for the neck related claim but WC is very difficult process.

      Re:Cervical Radiculapothy 9 years, 5 months ago #3294

      • Andy
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      Take a look through the forum for neck injuries. We had a member who had shoulder pain that they tracked down to a neck injury. I'll take a look as well and see if I can find it.
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