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      Question 10 years ago #1420

      • dangerbird
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      I understand that large knots are tied to hold the sutures in place, can they get caught and make grinding noises with movement?

      Re:Question 10 years ago #1422

      • chykcha
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      Hmmm... I haven't started moving my arm yet, but would be interested in the answer.

      Re:Question 10 years ago #1423

      • dkgunte
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      I had 2 sutures put in and do not remember any grinding noise when moving my arm around. It may depend on how the surgeon does it.

      Re:Question 10 years ago #1430

      • Ashley
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      The surgeon told me to expect lots of weird noises - clicks, pops, grinds, etc. He said that was part of the normal healing process. At 7 months post-op now, I still snap, crackle and pop.

      Re:Question 10 years ago #1435

      • tennischic
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      Huh, I never thought that it would be the sutures making all those fun shoulder noises! I too snap and pop like the rest of you are describing, but I figured it was tendons sliding over bones and crazy things like that.

      I wonder if that will ever go away? But then again, I have always had 'noisy' shoulders and now my right shoulder is making even more racket. It is never really painful though so that makes me happy!

      Re:Question 10 years ago #1436

      • pfl101
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      Unless the surgeon used non-absorbable sutures, which is rare nowadays, you sutures should no longer be present at about five-six months post-op. The anchors ought to be placed flush against the glenoid (socket) bone so as to not abrade the humeral head. If not, you can have a serious cartilage defect occur. There are articles about this where peoples' entire anterior surface of the humerus were scraped raw. Usually it's when the surgeon placed many (5 or more) anchors in an atttempt to fix multiple lesions (eg SLAP, Bankart, posterior labral tear, etc.).

      I had my shoulders done a little over 14 months ago. One has no real problems, the other hurts every now and then (not really with exercise, though), and does have some crepitus on occasion, too. I believe that at my stage it's due to a small cartilage defect found at arthroscopy. I had an MRI done eight months post-op that showed a small "thinning" of cartilage. Whether or not I have long-term debility is up in the air, but I wouldn't have lived my life any differently in terms of the sports I chose. Lots of people have small areas of cartilage thinning (chondromalacia)--check your own op reports to see if it's mentioned. It's a likely cause of crepitus in those who've had their surgery a while back.
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