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      My long far by Jennifer
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      TOPIC: My long far by Jennifer

      My long far by Jennifer 10 years ago #1469

      • chykcha
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      This thread discusses the Content article: My long far by Jennifer

      Wow, Jennifer... First, let me congratulate you on your acceptance to this program. It is probably bitter sweet for you since you cannot attend.

      I am so very sorry for your ordeal. I too, lived with SLAP pain for quite a while, but it was no where near yours. Sounds like you are just suffering. Brace yourself, because after surgery a long recovery begins, but at least you will have hope that things are healing. Gosh, I hope I could be more helpful. Socialized medicine, huh?

      Re:My long far by Jennifer 9 years, 11 months ago #1532

      • mhaise57
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      I too have almost the same story as you do concerning your shouler injury. What makes this even more interesting is that I too am dealing with workmans comp. My ordeal started in November of 05. I had graduated as an engineer and had moved to a new town to start the whole big kid thing. Well at I started working as a project engineer for an aviation company and while working for this company I had decided i wanted to attend graduate school for Marine biology ( I live in a coastal state). I was helping a man at work oneday carry a platform for a truck and he slipped and threw all the weight on me. Naturally I tensed up to compensate for the extra weight that had just been thrown myway and as to my suprise my shouler came out of socket. It started burning immediately. Well I ignored it just thinking that I had pulled something and in a couple of days it would go away. BOY WAS I WRONG. I couldn't hold my fork to eat. So I told them at work about the injury and they sent me to the doctor. This was the beginning of my personal hell. I went threw 3 doctors and had surgery on May 16th of 06. I was in a sling strapped to my chest for 6 miserable weeks. Started therapy etc. Thought things were getting better when BAM!!! It came out of socket again this time leaving my arm completely numb at my side. I couldn't work, couldn't go to school, couldn't do anything. All the promises I had and hard work i had done in school couldn't do anything for me. It is now May of 07 and I am still unable to work, still waiting to have another surgery. Still dealing with the terror of workmans comp. I deal with horrible pain everyday and my surgeon will not or won't do anything for me. I am fighting to have this surgery and I am haveing to put my life second. School, work all the above. So keep up the good fight. It will not get better on its own and I can promise you that you will want your normal life back. Stay strong - Michael

      Re:My long far by Jennifer 9 years, 10 months ago #1664

      I injured myself at work too! I am a Paramedic and I was putting the gurney into the ambulance. I was also diagnosed incorrectly for over a month. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and you are not alone!


      Re:My long far by Jennifer 9 years, 10 months ago #1675

      • texas212
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      Hey Jennifer,
      While I haven't been definitively diagnosed w/ a SLAP tear due to insurance issues regarding a previously ordered MRI/arthrogram (to rule out a SLAP tear) (here's my story, if you're interested...,com_mambob...ew/id,1638/catid,13/ ), I just wanted to tell you I know exactly what you're going through in terms of your "Mechanism of Injury" since I've been a volunteer EMT-B for around 6 years now (and just recently got into volly firefighting, which I suspect is the cause of all my shoulder troubles..hehe). We had a training drill on a newer style stretcher (a Ferno X-frame type) recently and I found it was delicate going just loading the empty stretcher into the back of the unit...I really hope your situation improves soon. I'm from the US, so socialized healthcare is pretty foreign to me but, from your experience, it certainly seems to have its drawbacks. Either way, congratulations on being accepted into what seems like an incredibly competitive Medic program! I really hope you're able to have your SLAP repair surgery soon and eventually attend that program! Keep your chin up! .
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