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      SLAP Tear Surgery Questions, please help!
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      TOPIC: SLAP Tear Surgery Questions, please help!

      SLAP Tear Surgery Questions, please help! 8 years, 4 months ago #9314

      • srwright7
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      I'm scheduled to have SLAP Tear surgery January 20th! My doctor didn't really give me a lot of details, other than I wouldn't be allowed to do any lifting, pushing, pulling, etc for 2-3 months. I believe he said my tear was from 12-3. Please answer the following questions if you can:

      1) How long should I expect to be in a sling?

      2) How long does the actual surgery take?

      3) I'm a high school baseball umpire and the season starts around the end of February. What are my chances that I'll be able to umpire after only 4 weeks of having my surgery? I can get by without throwing the baseball. Umpiring requires light running (occasional sprinting), wearing a chest protector under shirt that would put some pressure on the shoulder.

      4) How long before I can sleep on the repaired shoulder? Do most people sleep in a chair for a few days after surgery?

      5) How long before most people can sprint without pain?

      Thanks for any information you can provide. I just feel pretty uninformed about this whole process so I'm extremely grateful I found this site. Look forward to hearing from some of you.

      Re:SLAP Tear Surgery Questions, please help! 8 years, 4 months ago #9315

      • Cavitator
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      Steven, there are no specific numbers to your questions, although they are certainly valid to ask. Exactly what is wrong with your shoulder can't be known until the surgeon takes a peak with the scope. Could be not as bad as he told you, could be much worse. Hence, the large variation in results.

      There is a huge range of clinical rate of improvement and overall results with too many variables to predict. On balance many are good to go at 2 months, at least pain wise. Most are probably in the middle with a few becoming a complete train-wreck, much worse than they were pre-surgery. I was told pre-surgery I would be be back to work at 2 months, I am now 8 months out, without determination for work status for another 6 months, if I can ever go back to work.

      So, what to do? plan for going back to work as an umpire at 2 months, feel really lucky if you can pull it off by February, but be flexible enough, and calcuated, if it doesn't happen so that you have a plan "B."

      Most on this list are satisfied, I think, with their results so there is a better than not chance you will be too. And to be fair, there are a smaller percentage of people who had disasterous results, some with serious, permanent and life-altering consequences.

      If you have exhausted all other conservative avenues for amelioration, and surgery is your only true and final out, then you are ready and I wish the absolute best for you!
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      Re:SLAP Tear Surgery Questions, please help! 8 years, 4 months ago #9316

      • Tammy
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      Just about all of your questions are determined on a more individual basis, dependent on the extent of your tear and how conservative your surgeon is. However, I'll tell you my experiences:

      1. I was in my sling for about five weeks. I was told to stay in it six, but I started weaning myself out at about four and was completely without it at five. My surgeon was ok with this as I was doing well without it. I'll never forget the first night I slept without it. Heaven!

      2. There really is no way to know how long your surgery will last because while your MRI might show one thing, it is possible that the doc could get in there and find something else (not to scare you, but it does happen). My MRI showed exactly what the damage was, however, and my surgery took only about 50 minutes. I had SLAP repair with bicep reattachment.

      3. You should rely on your OS and PT to help you with this question. They will be able to help you determine what your shoulder can take. I do know this: be careful! It takes some time to heal from this surgery, and you don't want to put yourself in a place where you could re-injure anything.

      4. I am almost six months out of surgery, and I still do not sleep on the affected shoulder. I am having some other issues going on, however, and this may be why I cannot do so. Many people on this site have talked about sleeping in a recliner. I didn't have one but did well on my couch with lots of pillows. I was back in my bed one week post-op, with lots of pillows to support my arm.

      5. I love to run. I started running again at about three and a half months or so post-op. It was painful at first because I kept having muscle spasms in my shoulder. The more I kept at it, the better it felt. Again, this will be something your PT can help you determine.

      I can relate to the feeling uninformed. I had no idea what I was heading for when I went into this. I hope this helps some. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

      Good luck,

      Re:SLAP Tear Surgery Questions, please help! 8 years, 4 months ago #9320

      • maxicrom
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      As you can tell from this site thereis no standard procedure and procedures and recoveries can be very different. I will answer you questions based on my experience - surgery on 12/11/2008 combination of arthroscopic an incision - SLAP repair 3 anchors, reattach bicep tendon, and shave the collar bone end to relieve impingement. I had a type III separation and SLAP tear from a fall.

      1) At two weeks I can take the sling off when relaxing or around the house, I expect to be wearing it for about 6 weeks. (Typing now I have it off).

      2) I went in for surgery at 7:30am and was home by noon, procedure was done in a outpatient surgical center.

      3) I'm planning on running an 8K in March, it is looking probable barring any setbacks. I started power walking yesterday while wearing my sling.

      4) I slept in the recliner for the first three or four nights and then moved back to my bed with a small pillow under the sore shoulder (car travel pillow). At the beginning I was waking up about 4am - doing some stretches and ice (and taking ibuprophen - I don't do well with codeine) eventually getting back to sleep. Now I sleep most of the night - shoulder is a little stiff afterwards but stretching and ice helps.

      5) No idea - a sprint for me is a 10 minute mile.

      Hope this is helpful, I would look over a few of the blogs as they cover full lifecycles of users experiences.

      Good luck with your procedure,

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