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      Chiropractor for Tight Muscles??
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      TOPIC: Chiropractor for Tight Muscles??

      Chiropractor for Tight Muscles?? 5 years ago #24501

      • Kocheeze
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      I had a bicep tenodesis in January and things were going very smoothly. About two weeks ago, I had a setback and am experiencing a lot of pain in the shoulder area. Started in my collarbone area, and now I feel it in my in the shoulder joint area, and also in my traps/neck area. It started feeling better last week after I did some stretching (which I admit I was slacking on), but now I notice I'm really sore after PT, which never happened before my setback. The pain today was just unbearable...I had to leave work early just to rest my shoulder. I had a hunch that I retore my labrum...I'm starting to really beleive that now.

      I have no idea what happened - things were going so well, my shoulder was getting stronger everyday, and now it feels like it did pre it felt even worse than it did pre surgery - at least I could still work pre surgery. My last hope is that there is some kind of massive muscleoskeletal imbalance in my back/shoulder/neck area. I've always had a natural slump in my posture ever since I was a kid, and I also work on a computer all day so I get computer neck from leaning forward a lot which I am sure just compunds the problem (not to mention reaching my arms out constantly to type on the keyboard). There is definetly a lot of tightness in that area...I can feel it constantly.

      I'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor in addition to PT to try and work this tighness out. I've done some research and have heard of at least one person using a SOT Chiropractor (SOT stands for something but I forgot). I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this? I know correct posture can play a big role in recovery, and I am starting to think bad posture at work, plus bad positioning when I sleep (on a only option right now) plus a natural slump/hunch in my neck is causing the pain. Any thoughts?
      1/2012 - (L) Bicep Tenodesis, Labral Debriement, 20% RC Debriement

      Re: Chiropractor for Tight Muscles?? 5 years ago #24503

      • woody
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      Kocheeze, You should have a read of my last few posts, i was in the a similar situation 10 days ago and was thinking the worst. You may have fallen victim to the same impingement's that set me back and you seem to have already figured out the cause. I'm OK now, PT had me completely rest ala post surgery i.e. no raising the arm, pectoral (chest) and neck stretches only which helped immensely loosening up the stiffness in shoulder and as we all know .... ice and more ice.

      Re: Chiropractor for Tight Muscles?? 5 years ago #24506

      I'm still in the same position as you only I'm further out than you and experiencing a huge flare up that seemed to have come out of nowhere as have had almost no pain in my shoulder for months (which makes me think I re-tore something for sure).

      One thing that has helped me a bit is trigger point dry needling. Google it and see if there is a PT in your area. It isn't acupuncture at all but uses similar sized needles which are inserted into the muscles to release trigger points that cannot be reached manually. It works very well for many injuries especially shoulders where the musculature is so complicated.

      I am hoping that I just got my very inflamed and that somehow in the next few weeks it will start to improve. Mine is throbbing constantly and is so sore. I hope you start to improve. Don't worry too much yet...I think you are still in the realm of normal for this surgery.

      Re: Chiropractor for Tight Muscles?? 5 years ago #24507

      • mbalcorta
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      I had the same surgery as you with same doc (Millet) but earlier (August 31 2011).
      I had biceps tenodesis, sub dec . dce, rotator cuff and labral debridement.

      This was my second surgery on this shoulder, first one NOT DONE by Millet.I have for the past
      2 months had similar issues. I called Millets office and Howard Head downstairs and they
      Recommended 2 weeks of NSAIDS and lots of icing. I iced twice a day for 30 minutes and did
      ice massage twice a day for about 14 days. I also took 500mg of naproxen twice a day for
      14 days. So far my shoulder has calmed down tremendously and i have been off the ice and NSAIDS for
      a week and i am back to my rehab exercises with no overhead stretching or exercises.
      Hope this helps...

      Re: Chiropractor for Tight Muscles?? 5 years ago #24508

      • riderk
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      I think chiropractors have a lot to offer. Although slap tears often happen to young folks, tendon tears - unless there was a severe trauma, are more typical of the over-40 crowd when everything starts degenerating.

      I know I am a highly unusual case of poor outcome, but I can't offer my opinion enough on avoiding repeat surgeries unless it is clearly necessary. Surgeons are more than happy to operate and will do so when someone insists. Many MRIs will show some kind of tear or possible issue - whether it is really there or really needs invasive repair can be questionable. Well, that's all I have to say about that.

      Re: Chiropractor for Tight Muscles?? 5 years ago #24509

      Thanks for the helpful info. I do remember your posts from earlier this year after you had Millet do your revision surgery. I'm sorry to hear you're having some issues but I guess glad that my situation isn't all that unusual.

      I'm doing NSAIDs and trying to do my theraband exercises every other day to give the shoulder a little rest too. I haven't iced in months because things were going so well but I had better get back on a regular routine of twice a day. I should probably call up to one of his fellows or something and let them know what is going on. I am planning on having Millet do my other shoulder in late August or around then but not until my operated shoulder calms down and gets stronger.

      Do you have an idea of why yours might have flared up over the last 2 months? Did you overdo it with sports or did it just seem to gradually get inflamed again? I guess I should also be careful about overhead stretching so as not to irritate it more. This is the first time it has really flared up since around 8 or 9 weeks post-op.

      Riderk - I agree on the multiple surgeries situation. It can be a slippery slope once you start having surgeries...
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