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      TOPIC: Huge Changes Coming!

      Huge Changes Coming! 5 years, 7 months ago #22594

      • Andy
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      • Administrator
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      Hi All!

      I'm completely sick of deleting 30 posts from fake users from China. I have found a solution to keep them out but it means reworking lots of the site. This does give me the opportunity to redo lots of it. Here's what I'm thinking...

      New forum - Same layout, same categories but more secure against spam.

      Blog removal - It looks like the conversation really happens on the forum and I'd like to make it the central hub of the site. So blogs are going to go away. If a user wants to outline their story, I feel that the forum is the place to do it.

      New Gallery - I do like this part and am going to try to expand it.

      New Store - I think this is valuable, both from a keeping the site on the web income standpoint but more importantly it's the products people need during recovery. I'm going to put some thought into what to offer and how to do it.

      Private Messaging will be better integrated into the forum.

      Anything else people would like to see? What have you seen on other sites that works well?

      Comments are always welcome!


      Re:Huge Changes Coming! 5 years, 7 months ago #22595

      • johnt0148
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      • Bi-lateral SLAP Tear Surgeries
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      Great site Andy. I never got a chance to thank you for providing this forum when I was freakin out man! Anyway, One suggestion would be to categorize sections for shoulders, knees, and spinal surgeries, etc. I know it is '', but your the boss.

      Re:Huge Changes Coming! 5 years, 7 months ago #22605

      • Andy
      • OFFLINE
      • Administrator
      • Posts: 900
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      Your welcome!

      Do mean rename the sections that we have now? There is a section for shoulders and knees. Spinal injury should be covered under neck/back. Maybe that doesn't work the way it's setup? What would make it work better?

      I would really like to expand to other injuries and body parts. Suggestions are welcome!


      Re:Huge Changes Coming! 5 years, 7 months ago #22612

      • ljansen
      • OFFLINE
      • Platinum Boarder
      • 9 shoulder surgeries
      • Posts: 1358
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      Andy, I too would like to pass along my thanks for this site, it's been invaluable.

      In terms of private messaging, is there a way to reply to messages that still allow you to see the message from the sender? I've gotten long messages before and when I go to reply, I have to try and remember everything that was written (and my memory stinks).

      Also, how about being able to post videos in the gallery? I know lots of people, myself incuded, have videos of our surgeries and would be good to upload them. Unless there is a way now that I didn't know about.

      I think a little more, but that's what I think of off the top of my head.

      Thanks again,

      R. Shoulder Capsular Shift - Sept. 03
      L. Shoulder Bankart/SLAP/Capsular Shift/Rotator interval & SS repair - Jan. 05
      L. Shoulder MUA/adhesion release - Jan. 06
      L. Shoulder SAD/Bursectomy - Sept. 07
      L. Shoulder Biceps Tenodesis - Mar. 09
      L. Shoulder Open Latarjet & Arthroscopy - Nov. 24, 2011
      L. Shoulder Capsular Release/SAD - June 11, 2012
      L. Shoulder Capsular Release/Screw Removal/Biceps Tenotomy - Mar. 22, 2013
      L. Shoulder Arthroscopic Latarjet Screw Removal, Interval Repair, Axillary Neurolysis, Debridement

      Re:Huge Changes Coming! 5 years, 7 months ago #22613

      • riderk
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      • Platinum Boarder
      • Posts: 2060
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      I add my gratitude as well. What a great place. i remember how devastated I was after my third (?) surgery when the site went down for awhile.

      Just wish there were some replacement buddies out there - but I guess I am too old for all the rest of the slap people.

      Re:Huge Changes Coming! 5 years, 7 months ago #22614

      • jo4121
      • OFFLINE
      • Gold Boarder
      • Posts: 196
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      I also send my thanks, Andy...I have not been posting for awhile, but have been reading about others. Good way to see others progress hopefully to a healthy life.

      I often access this through my IPad, but I am not able to login with the IPad...don't know why, but if this could happen, it would be great!!

      Thanks for all you do for this community of healing bodies.

      6/10 Left SLAP
      2/11 Left Bicep Tenotomy and debridement
      2/12 Left Rotator Cuff repair, bicep tenodesis, SAD
      5/13 Right Rotator Cuff repair, SAD, removal of bone spur
      3/14 Left reverse tenodesis to tenotomy and removal of screw
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