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      TOPIC: forum launched! forum launched! 11 years, 1 month ago #6

      • Andy
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      slaptear has only been on the web about a month, but I get regular traffic and email. A forum seems to make sense.

      Please feel free to ask questions and make comments. If you have had slap tear surgery, lets share those experiences. If you haven't, please ask questions!

      Hope everyone enjoys the site and it helps in some way.

      Have Fun,
      Andy forum launched! 11 years ago #12

      • Anna
      Hello Andy, I wish this site had existed this past December, as I was in the fact finding mode at that time. In a nut shell, I had shoulder surgery to repair a slap tear (8 to 10 o'clock) on December 27th, 2005. Three suture anchors were used to successfully reattach the labrum. Slap Tear injury occurred from my dog jerking my left arm back while walking her in early October (yes I still have the dog)! ST was not diagnosed until the end of November. In the interim, I developed a frozen shoulder and lived with pain that progressively got worse over time. My Surgery, recovery and rehab timeline is pretty much the same as yours. Although I let go of the sling at 10 days (surgeon's order)and started rehab (PT) 3 days a week at the same time. Without going into a whole lot of detail, the surgery was the easy part (although the scalene block did not take), PT has been grueling. I have a PT who is very aggressive (good thing) and has been challenged with breaking up all the scar tissue that had formed pre surgery and post surgery. We have scaled back the PT to 2 days a week now. I also am doing a full set of exercises at home on a daily basis. I also purchased a finger ladder for home, which has really helped with both strengthening and lengthening the arm/shoulder. The only pain I have is from the PT. I still have not regained full range of motion, although we are hopeful that we will accomplish this over the next month. IF anyone had told me how much time and energy went into recovering from a slap tear injury, I would never have believed them. Everyday is better than the previous one, so life is getting much better! Thanks, Anna
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