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      Bicep tenodesis w/labral debridgement - 6 wks post
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      TOPIC: Bicep tenodesis w/labral debridgement - 6 wks post

      Bicep tenodesis w/labral debridgement - 6 wks post 4 years, 11 months ago #24872

      • jimbobsmit
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      Hello - I was doing some MMA stuff August 2d 2011, had a much bigger guy in a full rear naked choke. He had his chin down and wouldn't give up so I pulled back really hard with my right arm. Arm felt funny that night and the next day I couldn't move it at all. I became hesitant to use my right arm for anything. I was an avid athlete and gym rat - lost 17 lbs over that time frame because I turned away from the gym. Arm hurt too much. I had an MRI performed in the mean time - SLAP tear, posteriorly 1 to 7. 8.5 months worth of pt and 2 cortizol injections later...went under the knife. Because of the SLAP tear, the longhead of the biceps became very inflamed and was causing considerable pain. I saw the sports medicine ortho surgeon for shoulders and elbows (I'm in the Air Force) who recommended bicep tenodesis. I was like, sure, whatever dude.

      Leading up to the surgery, I kept questioning if I was doing the right thing. I would ask myself if I was being a sissy and whether I could deal with this and rehab it. I was in the shower and reached over with my right arm to soap up my left shoulder and the longhead of the bicep went berserk. It felt like it was on fire, I couldn't lift my right arm over my head for a week. At that point, I decided I would just go through with it.

      The post op experience has been confusing. The surgeon said that bicep was not looking good so he went ahead and moved it. He said that the labrum was torn posteriorly from about 2 to 4. Pretty much the whole thing was hanging off. He shaved up all the scar tissue. In scoping the rest of the shoulder he said it looked great. No arthritic signs or inflammation present anywhere else. He said my recovery should go great.

      Turns out I was supposed to start PT 4 days after the surgery but the PT guys dropped the ball. I sat at home on paid medical leave popping percocet and watching movies for over two weeks. When I saw the surgeon he took my arm out of the sling and it was stuck in that position! LOL, I told him how much it hurt and he was like, "yeah, not moving the arm at all for two weeks has probably produced a lot of scarring which is causing the pain when you move the arm."

      So, I went home and took the arm out of the sling. Didn't really do anything with the arm. Wasn't picking anything up. Took a week before I could get the damned thing straight. Now it's just really sore inside the shoulder joint. I'm six weeks post op. I pick things up like dishes, water bottles, wash my own hair. Seems like the arm hurts a little bit less, gets a little bit stronger, and regains some ROM every day that goes by.

      PT is a joke. I see the Air Force PT person once every two weeks. They test my ROM, etc. Give me new exercises to do with the big rubber band. Whatever. I always feel the bicep cause I'm scared it popped out of the humerus, ha. Can't wait to come back from this. Something weird that has been going on is if I hold my arm by my side and then lift it up in the motion you would do for a jumping jack (until it's over my head), the arm gets stuck (impinges) right when my hand is just above my shoulder. Never did that before the surgery. I'm just blabbering cause nobody at work cares about hearing about this stuff. Thanks for reading if you did.

      Re: Bicep tenodesis w/labral debridgement - 6 wks post 4 years, 11 months ago #24873

      • riderk
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      i read it.

      too late now, but with most surgeries, even though they may start formal PT at any time, the docs have you doing pedulums 3-4 times a day from day one. i've had everything from cuff repair to total shoulder replacement, and that arm comes out of the sling to do the pedulums right away to avoid just that.

      other than that, i can't offer any advice, not being a doctor. but i can offer my opinion that you insist the doctor tell you (or PT) what you should be doing and do NO MORE and NO LESS. like, no jumping jacks...

      any shoulder surgery can cause issues like scarring and stiffness, which may resolve (or not) sooner or later.

      good luck.
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