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      Post Slap Repair - Frozen Shoulder
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      TOPIC: Post Slap Repair - Frozen Shoulder

      Post Slap Repair - Frozen Shoulder 4 years, 8 months ago #25420

      • mich2good
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      Hi all,

      I'm 6.5 weeks out from SLAP repair and had my follow-up with the surgeon this morning. I told him about the increased pain I'd been getting from PT, deep ache in shoulder, tingling fingers and reduced ROM - I also informed him the physio suspected a rotator cuff tear. Surgeon thought a tear was highly unlikely as my rotator cuff was in perfect condition when he repaired my SLAP tear - he showed me the pictures he took during the surgery which was pretty cool.

      He got me to carry out a few ROM exercises and my external rotation is back to zero! Even turning my palm out with my arms by my sides is excruciating He suspects that I'm developing frozen shoulder - something I suspect many of you long term shoulder sufferers are familiar with?

      Next step - he's referring me for an ultrasound scan, he's asked them to check out my rotator cuff (just in case) and also to have a good look around my shoulder. If it is frozen shoulder he's authorised an injection of fluid to expand the joint and free everything up - has anyone had this done? Is it painful and does it actually work?

      I had my first day back at work yesterday, after 4 hrs at my desk I was in a lot of pain - luckily my boss is being really supportive and is going to allow me to work reduced hours for a while until I can get the work/pain balance under control. Now trying to find a way of icing my shoulder in the office without having to take my cryo cuff in to central London everyday or buying a second one - it's quite a challenge as I will only have access to chilled water and not ice..........

      ITB surgical release May 2012
      SLAP repair and SAD July 2012

      Re: Post Slap Repair - Frozen Shoulder 4 years, 8 months ago #25435

      • lwightman
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      That sounds just about like me. My shoulder was frozen and it hurt bad. I had an MUA a month ago. That was a living nightmare. I was not prepared for the pain afterward. The CPM machine ended up doing more damage than good because it messed with my radial nerve. I can say I am in less pain now, but I'm not sure I would do it again. I ended up working from home for almost two weeks after the MUA because I could be more comfortable typing on the couch than at my desk.

      Best of Luck,
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