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      TOPIC: Back to pushups?

      Back to pushups? 3 years, 5 months ago #29330

      • CadetPFC
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      I started having pain in my shoulder and incredible weakness about 4-5 months ago and it got progressively worse. i did hundreds of pushups a day and i used to be able to do 80-90 consecutive pushups but now im down to 20-30....Finally, about 5 weeks ago i went to the doctor. I had an MRI, the radiologists didn't think it was a tear, but my orthopedic surgeon (specializes in shoulders) thinks it is a tear based off his clinical exam. He recommended me to try physical therapy for 4-6, and i'm 4 weeks into it and not much better than before. I have raider team ((physical fitness team for JROTC) in about 6-7 weeks, and i cant reach the requirements unless i can do more pushups. doctors orders are i cant do pushups at all or any upper body so i haven't in the past month or so. I don't know if i should look at surgery or do more pushups in effort to be ready... I can only do half the pushups i need to do for raider team... it sucks

      Re: Back to pushups? 3 years, 5 months ago #29331

      • rquinones
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      Hey man! I understand you completely. Last year I did Insanity and ended up with my shoulder screwed up. I rested for about 2 months and started a 200 pushup a day program for 10 days (All you had to do was 200 pushups in as many sets as you could). The pain came back by day #3, but I kept pushing it. I only got to day #8. Regardless, after resting for 3 days I saw an increase in pushups from 50 to 80 in just one set (but the pain was worse than ever). I rested for about a month or two, but the pain came back again with further exercise. I rested for another month, but the pain is still there. I feel the pain when I hold prone position for 2-3 minutes or after doing 30-40 pushups. After researching everything I could find over the internet, this is the plan I have developed. I just started today. My plan is to do this daily for about 6-8 weeks and then try a max set of pushups and see if the pain returns. With this plan I do not feel any pain, as soon as I feel some, I immediately stop the exercise. It is supposed to work... Lets see...

      Pendulum swings; 3 sets for 10sec each with 2 lbs dumbells
      Behind the Back Stretch; 3 sets for 10sec each (This one felt VERY good afterwards! I guess it needed to be stretched.)
      Over the Head Stretch; 3 sets for 10sec each
      Across the Chest Stretch; 3 sets for 10sec each

      Internal and External Rotations (with one end of the band on my door knob); 3 sets of 20
      Cuban rotations (with 1 lb dumbell); 3 sets of 18
      Protractions; 3 sets of 25 with 25lbs dumbell
      Retraction (push-up style); 3 sets of 20
      45 Degree Shrugs; 3 sets of 18 with 25lbs dumbells
      YTWL’s; 3 sets of 10 each with 1 lb dumbells lying on a bench
      Military Press; 3 sets of 20 with 1 lb dumbells; palms facing forward

      According to what I have read, you should not feel any pain in any exercise regimen you start. You should continue doing it and slowly increase your repetitions. If you feel pain, STOP, or you will be going way behind where you started. I am not sure if you will be ready after 6 weeks, but your rehab should look something like mine. I am no physical therapist or doctor, but this is a plan I developed from everything I found over the internet. If anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to contribute!! I will be doing this for 6-8 weeks straight on a daily basis, only resting one day a week. I hope this helps CadetPFC!
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