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      Brantley's SLAP Story


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      # Article Title Author Hits
      1 13 weeks and back on the tennis court...kinda Brantley 1343
      2 Almost 11 weeks post op! Brantley 1102
      3 5 weeks post op and life is getting more normal Brantley 1022
      4 4 weeks post op and welcome to pain central! Brantley 1091
      5 3 weeks post op and everything seems the same Brantley 1016
      6 Two weeks post op and back to work Brantley 1174
      7 One week down and 25+ more to go Brantley Harrison 988
      8 Feeling confused on Day 6 Brantley Harrison 986
      9 5 days post op and all drugged up!!! Brantley 1052
      10 Gearing up for surgery in 8 hours, oh my! Brantley 1024


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