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SLAP tear recovery timeline

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The beginning of recovery from SLAP lesion surgery is slow and without exertion. This is because bones heal much slower than soft tissues. Ample time must be given for the labrum to reattach to the glenoid.

First 24 hours

  • Keep operative site elevated
  • Apply ice to operative site 15 minutes out of each hour
  • Keep in sling at all times

After 48 hours

  • Remove bandage
    • Recover with bandaids
    • Change daily thereafter
  • May begin to shower
    • Cover incision with plastic
    • Pat dry
  • Remove sling only for exercises / bathing
  • Begin exercises as prescribed
  • Apply ice for pain as needed

At 10 days

  • Have stitches removed
  • Begin stretching exercises as prescribed
  • Remove sling only for exercises / bathing

At 4 to 6 weeks

  • Begin physical therapy
    • No load bearing (strength) exercises
    • Range of Motion only
  • Wear sling if needed
  • Ice after at home stretching for 10 minutes

At 8 to 10 weeks

  • Continue physical therapy
    • Begin strength exercises

Approx six to eight months

  • Resume all normal activity

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